Thursday, March 2, 2017

3 Ideas for Watercoloring with Reinkers

I have these amazing Brutus Monroe Reinkers that when added with alcohol act just like watercolor.  It is so easy to stamp and then use the various colors of the reinkes to color in the stamps to make amazing projects.  Here are 3 ideas for the uses of this fun and easy watercolor technique.

1) Stamp Swaps
A fun way to get some extra use our of your stamps, and to share you stamps with others, is to do a stamp swap.  You stamp 6-15 of 2-3 stamps onto cardstock, rough cut them out and then trade with others for a swap.  I chose to do generic stamps that could be used in lots of different projects such as a little bicycle and Eiffel Tower.  For both of these stamps I took a little of the reinker in Locomotive and colored them in to create a little bit of depth.

Here is a video on how I created these 2 stamps swaps.

2) Borders or Bookmarks
Another idea is to take a stamps that is a background stamp and create a set of borders for future use.  You can also use this exact same project and make it a bookmark.  For each set I stamped the paper with Raven ink and then used various colors of reinkers to color in the flowers shapes within the stamp  For even more fun use varying shades of a color to make it have more depth and interest.

Here is a video tutorial on how to make these fun borders.

3) Watercolor Card
I love to make cards, and the easiest card to make is a pretty stamp with a little color in the details of the stamp.  Flowers are the simplest to watercolor as they beg to be in different shades of a color and imperfections looks amazing with them.  Stamp a pretty floral stamp in the corners with a simple sentiment on a plain white card and you have a beautiful card every time!

Here is a video tutorial on how to make this card.

I hope you find these idea helpful and useful.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Supplies Used
Interested in the supplies I used in this project?  Most are listed below and some are affiliate links, which generates a me little commission (at not extra cost to you at all) when you click on the link and make a purchase.  Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here

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