Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stamped Clay Feather ATC **Makin's Clay & Beacon & Canvas Corp & Brutus Monroe & Eyelet Outlet**

I have been dying to try the idea of stamping on clay, and what better way to try out an idea that you do a little project, and the best way to to try out an idea, make an ATC.  An ATC is an artist trading card, it measured 3"x4" and you can do what ever you want, try out new techniques, play with new material, try a new design, or just have fun!!   I did a little of them all.

Here is a full video tutorial on how to make these fun ATCs and how fun it is to stamp on clay to make your own 3D embellishments!!

Here are some up close shots of the this fun idea!

The Makin's Clay is an air dry clay so how you stamp on it come out exactly the same after it has dried, no changes!!  Plus the Brutus Monroe Ink can stamp on anything and not smear, a perfect match!!

Now the other point to a ATC is to give them away, who shall I give them to?!!?

Supplies Used
Papers - Brutus Monroe & Canvas Corp
Ink - Brutus Monroe
Stamps - Brutus Monroe
Pearls - Eyelet Outlet
Twine - Prima
Clay - Makin's Clay
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sequin and Glitter Pumpkins **Beacon & Eyelet Outlet & Prima**

I wanted to add some fun sparkle and flair to my house with some fun glitter and sequin pumpkins in simple designs of dots, lines, and webs.  Here is a fun little idea for making some cute pumpkins for you house that can even last through Halloween and Thanksgiving perfect for autumn decor.

I used lots of sequins and glitter glued on with Beacon Gem-Tac Glue and to add that extra pop I added in some Eyelet Outlet Sticky back bling to give it that extra something.  Here is a video tutorial on how to make these fun pumpkins!

Here is some close of pictures of some of the pumpkins.

I did some of these pumpkin (plus another project coming soon) on a live FB video.  Here is the live video for you in case you missed it!

Now go out and decorate your house with some fun pumpkins!!

Supplies Used
Glitter - Martha Stewart & Prima
Tool - We R Memory Keepers
Bling - Eyelet Outlet
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Halloween Clay Clips **Makin's Clay & Tattered Angels & Canvas Corp & Beacon**

I wanted to play with the idea of making some cute little clips for Halloween to place on treat bags, tags, cards, mixed media, banners, planners, or some other fun project.  The best way to make a cute little figure is clay, you can make any shape you want and it looks amazing.

Here is the video tutorial on how to make these cute little clips.

These little Halloween characters are just to fun to make.  A cute bat, jack-o-lantern, ghost, and cat.  Take a look at them up close.

Each character is glued to the back of a canvas corp black clothespin clip to make them able to clip to many different projects.

Here is also my latest unboxing video of my Makin's Clay supplies including my fun new tool to shape and mold clay.

Have a great Halloween!!

Supplies Used
Clay - Makin's Clay
Clay Tools - Makin's Clay
Mists - Tattered Angels
Paint - DecoArt
Paper - Canvas Corp
Clips - Canvas Corp
Sticky Tool - We R Memory Keepers
Glue - Beacon


Thursday, September 22, 2016

DIY Stamped Planner Clothespin Embellishments **Brutus Monroe & Canvas Corp & Beacon**

Planners are huge right now and I just got this stamps set from Brutus Monroe has the cutest planner stamps out right now perfect for those moments when you want to add a little stamp to your planner to remember a meeting, haircut, appointment, or doctor visit.  He has also made a stamp set that is perfect for the students with little stamps made specifically for school with apples, a microscope, atom, award, plus many more.  To stamp in your planner is easy, but I wanted to take it to the next level and play with the idea of planner clips from clothespins with these cute little stamps.

These cute little School Day planner stamps are perfect for your student planner or for anyone really.  They are just too cute and the made wonderful embellishments for these fun planner clips!  Here is a video tutorial on how I made these fun little clips.

I used the Winter ink collection with the detail Raven ink and the School Day planner stamp set.  Then to clean everything off I used the Squeaky Clean stamp cleaner.
Here is a few up close pictures of these fun little clips.

The little mini Canvas Corp clothespins are only the the length of a quarter, and they are so cute!!  There are so many colors to pick from and they are all amazing!

So now that I have all these really cute planner clips, time to start planning!!

Supplies Used
Stamps - Brutus Monroe
Ink - Brutus Monroe
Paper - Canvas Corp
Clothespins - Canvas Corp
Stamp Cleaner - Brutus Monroe
Brush - Prima
Stamp Block - Prima
Glue - Beacon

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Product Review - Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner by Brutus Monroe

In my first box of items fro Brutus Monroe came this little bottle of stamps cleaner called Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner.  I had to test it out on as many things I possibly could to see if it held up to its name and how good or bad it really was.  I was blown away with how amazing this little bottle of cleaner was.  It is truly an amazing liquid in a bottle that can clean stamps, stamp blocks, stamps pads, and craft mats.

This really magic in a bottle than make make your stamps like new again!!  It is non toxic and even helps your hands feel soft and smooth.  I took a bunch of old dirty stamps and cleaned them with this amazing cleaner and it amazing me how well it cleaned each and every stamp from rubber mounted, acrylic, cling, and even foam.  Stamps of every brand and quality looked amazing after being cleaned.

I even tried other inks on the Brutus Monroe stamps to see how well it cleaned up with the Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner and every single brand I tried cleaned right off the stamps.  Check out my product review video to see just how amazing this cleaner really is!!

I even cleaned off my stamp blocks, stamp mats, and my craft mat and got them looking so much better with just a little spray and a paper towel.  So check it out the stamps cleaner, you will not be disappointed!!  It is specially formulated to work with the Brutus Monroe Stamps and Inks by it does play nice with all other brands too!

Time to get Squeaky Clean and get your stamps ready for crafting!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

CAS Misted Cards **Tattered Angels & Beacon**

Need some quick and easy cards to have on hand.  Check out the origins papers from Tattered Angels.  They a super thick paper that is perfect for heavy misting, it can take it!!  So just add some mists and cut to place on the Canvas Corp kraft card and boom you are done!!

Here is a video tutorial on how to make these cards!!

Now it is your turn!!

Supplies Used
Papers - Tattered Angels & Canvas Corp
Mists - Canvas Corp
Glue - Beacon

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happiest Halloween **Brutus Monroe & Tattered Angels & Canvas Corp & Beacon**

I just got in some really cute stamps from Brutus Monroe, all about Halloween, so I made a fun card to go with them.  Perfect for a fun parents, friend, teacher, child, neighbor, grandparent just to say "HI" on the Halloween season.

So now is just as good a time as ever to announce that I am on the Brutus Monroe Design Team!!  Yea me!!  Check out me new badge and unboxing video of my first set of supplies!! 

Now back to the stamps and the cards.  I received the stamps a couple of days alter after my first box, so this is a huge sneak peak of the September release stamp sets!!  Here is a video tutorial on the super cute stamps seen below and how I made the card.

Here are the amazing Brutus Monroe Stamps designed by Chuck Carson, a guy from Disney!!!

A lot of the products that are made under the Brutus Monroe name are manufactured by Canvas Corp and Tattered Angels.  How lucky am I!?!?

Here are some close up pictures of the card.  Just look how the mists shimmers!!

Now it is your turn to make some fun Halloween Cards!!

Supplies Used
Card Base - Canvas Corp Brands
Mixed Media Paper - Brutus Monroe - Canvas Corp Brands
Mists - Brutus Monroe - Tattered Angels
Inks - Brutus Monroe
Stamps - Brutus Monroe
Stamp Cleaner - Brutus Monroe
Burlap - Canvas Corp Brands
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

Monday, September 5, 2016

Review of Paper Pumpkin Kit Card by Stampin Up

I picked up this box from a CKC convention about 2 years ago.  It is from Stampin Up and it is a card kit program called Paper Pumpkin.  I have not touch it since I got it except for taking the ink out of it, and have since lost the kink, boo.  As I was cleaning up my studio I came across the kit again and thought, let do this!!  So here are the 4 cards that were in the kit.


There is a special going on right now for buy one and the get next half off.  I do not work for Stampin Up or get any profit from this post, just a fun things I found in my stash from a conference from years past.

The kit made 4 card and had everything in it to make the cards (except I lost the ink) including the envelopes.  Check out my video tutorial on how to make the card and how fun this kit idea is.

Now I have 4 cute thank you cards to have of hand for when I need to send a thank you note!!  How great!!

Card Kit - Paper Pumpkin - Stampin Up
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

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