Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sketches in Thyme March 31st DT Sketch Reveal - soft and sweet

It is "Thyme" again, hehe, for the next sketch reveal for Sketches in Thyme!! 

We are using this great sketch from PageMaps

I turned the sketch and created my layout from it being turned to the left.

This picture is of a friend of mine and her son the day he was born.  All the flowers are hand made using my Retro V flower tutorial, so I hope you have fun making them yourself!!

Tip - I also love to use non traditional scrapbook items on my page, like the beads.  I found these at Hobby Lobby in a strand, and they add so much fun!!

Challenges: - ends 4/3x - end 4/6x - 1 pic, 2 fonts, 3 colors of flowers - ends 3/31x - end ?x - end 4/5x - end 4/2x - end 4/1x - ends 3/31x - end 4/3x - end 4/1x - end 4/2x - end 4/2x - ends 4/4x - end 4/5x - end 4/5x - end 4/5x - end 4/6x - end 4/6x - end 3/31x - end 4/6x - ends 3/31x - ends 4/8x - end 3/31x - end 3/31x - end 3/31x - end 3/31x - end  4/3x - end 4/3x - end 4/2x - end 4/2x - end 4/5x


Erin R.

Monday, March 21, 2011

RSMobley Designs DT Reveal - Love You Forever

I was taking pictures of my youngest son as he was playing around me pointed to go outside as spring is here and he loves to play outside, and this great shot came out of it!!  I love the way the light hits his face and the beautiful look on his face.  He is 13 months old in this picture.

All the flowers are made using this wonderful SVG file RM00090 (I used my Cricut and Make the Cut Program) from RSMobleys Designs.

Close up of 3D rose flowers from RSMobleys Designs
You can make these flowers any size you like, just change the size of the picture in the cutter program.  I made them 6 different sizes.  I cut these flowers in brown and cream cardstock, and then for the cream colors I inked the edges in yellow and oranges hues, and for all of them I sprayed them in Peach glimmer mist.  For tutorials on how to make these fin flowers please see the link below.

Flower tutorial

I also love to put titles on my pages, but sometimes it takes away from the look of the page.  On this layout i did hidden titles.  I places 3 title stickers tucked into the layout in different locations.  The full title reads "Love You Forever".

Hidden title of "Love" nested in the flower cluster
K Andrew's Simply Sunday Challenge at Getting Cricky - ends 3/26x - ends 4/2- GDT - RRR20 - ends 3/30x - ends 4/2x - ends 3/22x - ends 3/23* - ends 3/31x - end 4/1x - end 3/26x - end 4/2x - end 4/3 - end 4/1x - end 3/28x - ends 3/31x


Erin R.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homemade Glue Dots

Tutorial Made for Sketches In Thyme

I love glue dots, but they get so expensive!!  I use them for everything, and I found this great idea out from one of my online scrapping buddies.  I know there has been a tutorial about his before, but I am sorry I do not remember where or who I got this from, but now I pass it on to you!!

1) Aleene's Tack it Over and Over - You can buy this at Michaels, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, etc for about $5 US, and if you use your 40% off one item coupon for these stores even cheaper!!

2) Sheet of sticker paper (keep your old sticker paper once you are done with your stickers) you can use the paper over and over.  Keep all sizes, or just one big one, up to you.  ****do not use wax paper it does not work***

 1) Fold your sticker paper in half, or cut it.  I find folding is better, than you do not have to worry about losing the top half and your dots sticking to everything.

2) Place small dots on the shiny side of the sticker paper (the side the stickers were stuck to before you peeled them off).  Make all sizes (the large dot on my paper is the size of a quarter).  Small dots, medium, tiny, have fun with it!!  Having different size dots gives you more flexibility in use when you need them.  The big dots can blob out as you see in the next pic.

 3) Let dry over night uncovered, you know when the dots are ready when they turn from white to clear.  Even if your dots blobs out like mine did, it is still usable.  Once they are clear and "ready' for use the dots can be pulled apart if they are too big, reused if pulled from one project to another, and they stick great!!

Make sure you store these dots with another sticker sheet on top or everything will stick to them (this is why I like to fold my sticker sheets in half).

One bottle of the glue will last you a long time.  I have made over 1000 dots, and I still have half my bottle left!!! 

These homemade glue dots are better than the ones you buy!!


Erin R.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sketches in Thyme March 17th DT Sketch Reveal

I made this layout using the March 17th sketch from Sketches in Thyme for my friend of her son and his first bike.  He is three in this picture so I loved the bright cheery papers.  The entire set of papers are from Target in the dollar section.  I loved the movement of the yellow and the fun boy feel of the rest of the papers.  I felt that the page was not finished, so I added a faux stitched border with black pen around the entire outside, it helped complete the page.  I also learned this last little fun tip from Gabrielle P, when using buttons actually stitch them onto your page rather then just using glue dots, it gives them a much much more complete look.

Challenges: - ends 3/29x


Erin R.

RSMobley Designs and Frosted Designs Reveal

I was in a doctors office waiting room for 1 hour with my 1 and 5 year old, and to keep my 5 year old from going into fits, I let him have fun with my phone camera, and this shot came out of it!!  I believe the setting on the camera is polarized, but do not quote me on that.

The journaling says he is the life of the crowd and will talk to anyone (which he did in the waiting room and anywhere else we go). He will talk to anyone, he is my "charmer"!!

I got to play with this wonderful SVG file RM00090 (I used my Cricut and Make the Cut Program) from RSMobleys Designs.

You can make these flowers any size you like, just change the size of the picture in the cutter program.  I made them 5 different sizes.  I cut these flowers in craft paper, and used green smooch paint to color the centers.  For tutorials on how to make these fin flowers please see the link below.

Flower tutorial

The next challenges is up for Frosted Designs - banners!!

I used grunge board and cut them into triangles and then painted them with glimmer glam (green).  I then took white pearls and painted them with smooch green paint (the ones that look like finger nail polish) and colored them to match the green colors of the page.

Challenges entered: - ends 3/19x - ends 3/29x - ends 3/30 GDT - used as a glue to hold all the flowers and heavy embellishments in place - ends 3/23? - ends 3/22x - ends 3/26 x - ends 4/1x


Erin R.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March: Prima Product Pick and Palette

March: Prima Product Pick and Palette


Lets see what I can create with this!!!

Prima Based Layout

Using the Feb palate of colors picked by Prima I created this layout (with much inspiration from Gabrielle P).  I submitted this layout for a prize, and my layout was featured on Prima's Blog!!

I am so excited!!  This layout means so much to me as it is a flower on my daughter's peach tree, a tree which we planted in memory of her after she died. 


Erin R.

My Monkeys

I made a fun little layout of my boys with a pic from about a year ago.  My youngest had this great little outfit on that had monkeys all over it, and a friend gave me the cutest little monkey viola!!

I cut a strip off the side of the page, and then used that extra space to make the tabs for the title.

Entered in the following challenges: - sandy challenge #3 ends 3/31

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Fun

I love that my boys were outside playing in the sand and water, and they are just getting to the age where they can play together (or at least the youngest is not just being pushed aside by the oldest, lol).

I love the fun colors of spring, and I know pink is not a boy color, i just love to use it when spring is in the air!!  Be on the lookout for a great little tutorial on how to make my fun little tickets!!

Entered in the following challenges:  - ends 3/13x - ends 3/15*
K Andrew's Simply Sunday Challenge at Getting Cricky - ends 3/19x - ends 3/22x - end 4/1x - end 4/5

Layout for one of my classes (please click above).


Erin R.


Using only Target dollar pack paper and a scrap of cardstock I created this layout for only $0.30 (not including my Cricut, ink, marker, cutter, scissors, and glue).  It is hard to use pink on boy pages, but when it comes to spring I love to use it, everything is in bloom and why not?

My boys are just having a blast playing the water in our back yard - pure happiness!!

Entered in the following challenges: * - ends 3/15x
K Andrew's Simply Sunday Challenge at Getting Cricky - ends 3/19x - end 3/13x - ends 3/15x - ends 4/1x - ends 4/5

This is a layout for my next class.


Erin R.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So tweet

I was playing around with my cricut and having fun with MTC files getting ready for some great projects I will be doing for RSMobley's Designs when I found this great layout in scrapbook etc magazine.  I had to lift it, so here is my take.

I used my MTC files to create the birds, words, and leaves.  I then used scraps for the tree (and used punches on the ends for a fun look). I inked the edges of everything for a soft look.

The pic is of my youngest son at 11 months.  He figured out how to get into the clothes basket and then he proceeded to empty all the clean clothes out of it.  He was so proud!!

This project is used in the following challenges: - ends 3/15x
K Andrew's Simply Sunday Challenge at Getting Cricky - ends 3/19x - x - ends 3/13x - ends 3/15x - end 3/26 - end 4/1x - end 4/5

This is one of my class layouts (please see my class section).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Memories - Kristen

The Paper trail makers have a challenge about 3's!!  The rules are:

1. If you submit a layout - you must use 3 photos. If you submit a card - make 3 different ones. If you do an altered project - it must be 3-D!!!

I have 3 photos of my baby girl Kristen.

2. Use 3 different papers. (can be cardstock, patterned paper, or a combination)

I used the background paper from Websters, purple cardstock cut in a circle and stamped, green cardstock for the vines I hand drew and cut out, and another purple paper that I used for the punched flowers and butterflies.

3. Use the number 3 somewhere on your project. Can be in the title - the journaling- anywhere and in any way - it can be the number itself or it can be spelled out.

I wrote in the bottom right that she was 3 months in these pictures. 

This layout is special for me as March 6th, 2009 was the last day I saw my baby girl alive.  She was 4 months old when she passed, and her 2 year angel day just passed yesterday, so she would have been 2 years and 4 months old today.  I miss her everyday.  I love you baby girl.

Challenges: - end 4/1


Erin R.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Frosted Designs Friday March 4th DT Challenge Reveal

This Friday March 4 the challenge at Frosted Designs is to do a recipe Challenge.  You need to include 3 patterned papers, 2 fonts, and 1 journaling tag.

So here is my creation!!  I used 8 pattered pieces of paper combines on both layouts (these were two sided papers, so I flipped over sections and used them as border or to divide a section of the layout), I had the 2 fonts from the chipboard pieces and also from the alpha stickers, and I had a journal tag on both pages.

One hint I have about this page is use your stickers and chipboard to your advantage.  I wanted to keep my pictures the same size on both layouts, but there we parts of two of the photos i did not like (cars the way or a person standing in the background), so I used the chipboard dinosaurs to cover those parts of the photo I did not like, but I kept the same dimensions.  Viola, problem solved of the unwanted part of the photo.

My son Morgan is obsessed with dinosaurs.  Everything dinosaur from the age of 18 months until even now at the age of 5.  I took these pictures with his dinosaur collections and him standing in front of huge dinosaurs at museams in Canada (Drumheller, Alberta).

Challenges Entered in: ends 3/15x


Erin R.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cardboard Challenge at Sketches4All

I am hosting a challenge over at Sketches4all involving cardboard!!

For all the details please check out cardboard challenge in my group at Sketches4All.

The basic rules are you must use cardboard on a layout, card, or altered project.  That is it!!  You need to post your project at Sketches4All, but other than that easy peasy!!

This challenge ends April 3rd, 2011 at midnight CST.

For my example I used cardboard as my mat for my photo.  I stripped off the top layer of the cardboard then I used distress embossing powder over it.  Don't you just love the Tim Holtz stuff!!  A very dear friend created this wonderful layout in a class I attended last month.  Thanks so much for the great inspiration!!


Erin R.

Sketches in Thyme March 3rd DT Sketch Reveal

I made my layout for the March 3rd Sketch from Sketches in Thyme for a friend of mine.  Her son is 2 in these pictures, so I wanted to use fun and cheery papers.  Enjoy and I hope you join in the fun at Sketches in Thyme!!

Erin R.

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