Friday, May 25, 2012

Happiness Card **FD**

At the end of April a good friend of mine got married.  Her colors were grey and teal, so taking a page from her color scheme i create her wedding card.  To make it look a little more wedding-ish I put the cute little bride and groom hearts up on the top right corner (a tutorial I learned a year ago at Frosted Designs).

I create this card for the Frosted Designs challenge of Wedding.  I hope you pop of by and play yourself!!

Erin Reed

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dream **SWV and Momenta**

At 19 weeks and 4 days we did the anatomy ultrasound for my 4th baby.  Everything checked out wonderfully, the baby was a great size, all things looked normal, kicking like crazy, but when it came time to find out the sex......the baby was all about keeping it a secret.  First the umbilical cord was in the way, so it seems to be a girl, but it was just the cord.  The we got our first little glimpse and it looked to be a girl...the Dr even said 80% chance of being a girl.  I was not satisfied with that response, since this was one of the only times my husband could come to an ultrasound due to his deployment and I really wanted to share this with him.  So she had me stand up, wiggle around to get the baby to move to get a better view.  When we looked again the baby had her legs closed so again, not completely sure.  I have to give the doctor some credit, she really worked with us for about 15 minutes to get the best view we could.  We kept getting small glimpses and every time it looked more and more to be a girl, so in the end the doctor wrote on one of the ultrasound pictures "Dr. Palmer says it is a girl".

So now jump ahead to today and I am 25 weeks and 4 days pregnant and we did a second scan......and it is definitely a girl, she was not shy at all about showing off who she is!!

For this layout I used the June sketch from Scrapbook Kits with a Difference - so head on over and play along starting in June!!

I used the wonderful papers and embellishments from Momenta.  I used their Baby Steps paper and stickers layered with some cardstock.  The stickers all have wonderful dimension and the die cut paper is all glittery!!  Below is the list of Momenta supplies.


Erin Reed

Friday, May 4, 2012

Smiles **Frosted Designs and SWV**

My oldest son Morgan had his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese in Jan 2012 where he celebrated turning 6 years old.  His actual birthday is Jan 1st, but do have a party so close to the day of his birth will never happen.  Since his younger brother Brandon has his birthday on Dec 31st, we celebrated both of the birthday's at the same time.  In the picture is Morgan's friend Madeline.  The two of them have been friends since they were in the two year old class at Christ Church School.  They have been inseparable since.  Morgan does not get to see her very much anymore since they go to different schools now they are in kindergarten, but they are just like two peas in a pod.

I create this layout for Scraps with V, and you can buy a kit to create this layout, along with 2 other layouts you can create, all for one low price!!  Check out the store here!!

I also created this layout for the recipe challenge over at Frosted Designs. The challenge is to use at least 4 of the following 8 on your project:  rub-ons, ribbon, brads, stickers, glitter, the color purple, butterfly, and a flower.  I used the rub-on word similes, blue ribbon, the blue brad flower and gem brads, the large blue flower, butterflies on my patterned paper, and Madeline is wearing the color purple in the picture.  I hope you pop over and play along too!!


Erin Reed

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