Thursday, December 22, 2011

Countdown to 2011 Lo 2 **SiT**

We have another wonderful sketch from SiT, and it is a double LO!!  I made this for a friend about her New Years Eve Party.

So please head on over to Sketches in Thyme and give the sketch a try!!


Erin R.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Card 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

We hope that this time of year come to everyone in good heath.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!! So here is our virtual Christmas card to each and everyone one of you!!

Reed Family Easter 2011

At the beginning of the year Morgan turned 5!  He had a wonderful birthday party at Chuck E Cheese with lots of his friends.  He "graduated" from Preschool at Christ Church School (a 2 day a week program), and was ready to take on Kindergarten at Lexington Creek Elementary.  He is having some difficulty with the transiting to a full 5 day a week school program, but things are looking up, and with the new year and a wonderful teacher Mrs. Engle we hope things will begin to be even better.  Morgan lost his first teeth in August, and is so proud he showed everyone the gap in his teeth.  Morgan loves to play computer games, Legos, reading with Mom and Dad, any thing Star Wars, and still loves his dinosaurs and dragons!!
Jan 1st-  Morgan turned 5!
First Day of Kindergarten
Brandon celebrated his one year birthday on Dec 31, 2010!!  He loved his little cake, and of course got it all over himself.  He has been growing so much, and has changed so much in the past year that is is hard to keep up!!  His first real word that came out and made sense was "this".  He pointed at everything and said "this?" as if to ask "what is this?".  He has really learned the fins art of running, and now a favorite game of the boys is to play chase around the house. Brandon's other pass time in to jump on Morgan and sit on his head (of which Morgan is very tolerant and gentle).  Brandon has had some minor surgeries to correct a hernia and teeth problems, but all is fixed and he is better than ever!!  Brandon started preschool this year at Christ Church School.  He goes Mon and Wed from 9:30am - 2pm, and loves his teachers Ms. Joyce and Ms. Missy.  I ask him if he wants to go to school and the first things he says is "backpack?".  Brandon is so laid back and gentle, and everyone loves having him, and super happy toddler!!

Brandon's First Birthday

First Day of Preschool
Our whole family got to go back to Galveston for a vacation again this summer.  Lots of time playing in the sand, swimming in the ocean, playing with cousins (Preston, Amanda, and Allison), aunts (Stephanie and Susan, Grandma Marty, and Robert.  Brandon was a bit timid of the ocean at first, but he loved to play in the sand, and eventually he learned that the water was not so bad.  Morgan is like just like his Mom Erin, loves being out in the beach finding sea creature (he caught many snails, a few fish, and some crabs), making sand castles, and splashing around in the surf.  Erin and Mike just their best trying to keep up with the boys, but still enjoy their vacation!!

Both boys loved swimming this summer at Grandma Elaine's and Grandma Marty's house (they both have pools).  Morgan picked up where he left of last year and swam like a fish.  He learned to float on his back, dive down the bottom to pick up toys, jumping of diving boards, cannonballs, and right at the end of the summer the beginning of diving and breathing while he swims across the pool.  Very possible he might join swim team this summer.  Brandon took to the water like a fish.  He loved to jump in from the side, and had no problem going under the water.  He just popped right up (with a little help) and smiled away and gave the baby sign language of "more".  He even learned to push off from the stairs in the pool and swim towards you, about 3 feet away, head underwater and all.
Playing in the pool at Grandma and Grandpa Manz's
Just out of the pool

Mike is working full time with the Texas National Guard, but he now is working at Ellington Field.  This is a joint base for both the Air Force and Army located right near NASA, about a 35 minute drive from our house.  He still reports once a month to the Armory to train his soldiers, as he is the C Company Commander of the 72nd BSTB.  Morgan is so proud of his Daddy being a soldier as he has learned more about it while being in school during the Veteran's day events in November

Picture taken for Morgan's poster he made for school about his father being in the National Guard.  The poster was on display for a month.

Erin has enjoyed being home with the boys.  They keep me busy going to various events, pick ups from school, and day to day activities.  I started working at Michaels Craft Store in Sugar Land teaching scrapbooks classes.  I work one night a week, one day while both boys are at school, and one Saturday a month.  I love teaching at the store, it is such a fun way to get out of the house without kids, do something I love, and get paid for it!  I just recently found out that I was one of the top 25 Certified Scrapbook Instructors for Michaels in North America (about 5000 stores).  I was elated!!  Mike and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this November, it is amazing that is been 10 years.  I still feel the same giddy feeling when he calls me or when he comes home, he is truly the man of my dreams.  Grandma Marty watched the kids for us and we went out to the Symphony and had a wonderful quiet dinner.

We continue to miss our daughter Kristen.  She would have been 3 this past October.  One thing that she has taught me is that life is way to short, so take advantage of every moment, and love the ones around you with all your heart.  We love and miss you Kristen.

Erin and Kristen - 2 months old
We hope that the new year brings you lots of joy and happiness! 

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Candy Container ***Prairie Fairy Fridays***

I was asked to be a GDT for Prairie Fairy Friday Challenge blog this week, and I am so excited!  The theme is holly jolly Christmas, but no red or green.  Wow, try and do anything with no red or green in it for Christmas, that was a challenge, but I think I pulled it off!!

I got to use this super cute image from Prairie Fairy Friday.  I used map pencils to color in the snowman's hat, bird, nose, arms, and buttons (with no red or green).  I then used white glitter (off brand) and painted in the snow and snowman's body (but maybe with a pink hat it is a snow-woman, lol), just to give it the feel of glistening snow in the sunshine.

I am giving this fun little candy container (or cookies if you so wish) to my son's kindergarten teacher.  She has been so helpful with everything, it is the least I can do.

I hope you can pop over and play in the challenge at Prairie Fairy Friday!!



Erin R.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Card **SiT**

I was working with Michaels to collect cards for Operation Christmas Cards this year.  Through my Mops group, people signing cards while I demoed on the floor, the Operation Christmas Cards class, employees signing cards, and some wonderful donations from scrapbookers taking my classes at Michaels we were able to collect 558 cards to send to the troops this Christmas!!

I had two huge card donations, one that dropped a box off with over 150 cards that I believe she collected from her school (I wish I knew her name to thank her) and the other a very nice lady who has come to a few of my scrapbook classes and she personally made and collected over 150 cards!!

Thank you to all those who collected and signed cards for Operation Christmas Cards!!

I created this card for the lady in my classes.  I took the Sketches in Thyme sketch and turned it into a card.  You can play with this great sketch too, so hop on over to SiT and ply along, you have all month!!

I got to play with copic markers for the first time the other day at work, and I am hooked!!  I created the very cool butterfly with them!!



Erin R.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Three ways to use your stamps ***Frosted Designs and Anything Goes***

Working at Michaels I get to play with various products to learn them to teach for classes or crops.  I have always had distress inks, but I have never really used them to their full potential......until now!!

For these tags I used various blending, spraying, and water techniques.......come back Jan 1st to learn more in a tutorial!!  I then had fun adding glitter and embellishments to jazz them all up!!

Frosted Designs has a challenge on right now to use GLITTER on any paper craft, so head on over and join the fun!!

Anything Goes Challenge Blog is also having a ANYTHING BUT A CARD challenge going on right now, so head on over and play along!!

I also has fun playing with three different ways to use the same stamp on these tags.  All the papers were Kraft color to begin with before I stamped and ink distressed them.

1) I used distress ink to stamp the tag (before adding any other colors) to create a background print - the butterfly in stamped in purple

2) I stamped in Staz-on ink in black, then blended in red distress ink over the top of the stamped image, cut the image out, and then added some red stickles to glam it up.

3) I heat embossed with red glitter embossing powder, blended with red distress ink over the embossed image, cut the image out, and added orange stickles to glam it up.

Challenges:  no cards - 12/13x - bingo - 12/14x vintage - 12/14x - bling - 1/1 - creatures - 12/14 - emboss - 12/22 - no xmas - 12/16


Erin R.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Real Woman **Anything Goes Challenge Blog**

For the month of December I was asked to be a GDT for Anything Goes Challenge Blog.  This fortnight challenge is all about decorative corners...oh the possibilities!!

I did three different things to decorate the corners of my layout.  First i punched the edges of one of the background papers with a MS corner punch, inked it, wetted it, and distressed it with my scissors and then crumpleed it up to give a very distressed feel.

Second I used my new spellbinders die cut to create this beautiful corner piece that I then applied black stickles to and then used it as the anchor for my title of the page.
Last decorative corner I did was to take my scissors to the edge and corners of my picture and scrap away the top layer to leave the white paper showing below.  I fun new distressing technique I hope you try!!
 I had the wonderful luxury of lifting this page from some of my friends over at swirlydoo in our Round Robin challenge, thanks so much for the inspiration for this page ladies!!

Challenges: - CASE - 1/2


Erin R.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday **Scrapbook kits by Scrap with V**

I got to play with this wonderful kit from Scrapbook Kits by Scrap with V this month.  It is full of tons of wonderful bits a bobs of all kinds.  So go check them out and if you like my layout, you can buy the kit to create it yourself!!

With the kit you get an added bonus card!!  I created this card and gave it to my father for his birthday, you could easily change the sentiment to be for any occasion.

Challenges: - X - orange and brown - 11/29x - shabby - 11/30x - B (blue) - 12/3x


Erin R.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beautiful **Scrapbook Kits by Scrap with V**

I got to play with this wonderful kit from Scrapbook Kits by Scrap with V this month.  It is full of tons of wonderful bits a bobs of all kinds.  So go check them out and if you like my layout, you can buy the kit to create it yourself!!

This is a pic of my youngest son taken at his school...the teacher thinks he is so cute...and of course he is!! 

Challenges: - X - not card - 12/3x - red and green - 11/30x - sparkle - 12/13x - sugar and spice - 12/30x - sparkle (gems) - 12/4x


Erin R.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

You Shine **Scrapbook kits by Scrap with V**

I got to play with this wonderful kit from Scrapbook Kits by Scrap with V this month.  It is full of tons of wonderful bits a bobs of all kinds.  So go check them out and if you like my layout, you can buy the kit to create it yourself!!

These are pics of my youngest son playing int he front seat of my car.  He was having a blast, it was just too cute I had to get pictures, unfortunately I only had my phone on  me so the quality is not that great.

Challenges - X


Erin R.

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Boys with Faux Metal Tutorial

I was challenged to create a layout from a lift of a fellow Swirlydoo member's layout in a Round Robin Challenge.  I love this idea because it gives you so much freedom in your own layout (choose the colors, designs, techniques, etc) and create your own. 

In this layout I layered and clustered.  I used pops of the teal color on the background of those beautiful autumn colors.  The color inspiration came from Prima and their Nov Product Picks.  You should head on over and take a look!!

I tried a couple new techniques in this layout.  First I created the faux metal frame with glue and paint (tut to come in a sec) and also altered the chipboard letters with paint and glass beads.

Faux Metal Tutorial
1) Supplies - tacky glue, chipboard, brown acrylic paint, gold acrylic paint, and paint brush.

2) apply liberal amounts of glue to your chipboard.  Make sure it is clumpy and has some peaks and valleys to give it lots of texture.  Let dry completely.

3) Paint over dry glued chipboard with brown paint (should be a darker brown that the gold paint).  Make sure it is in all the nooks and crannies.  Let dry completely.

4) Paint lightly over brown paint with gold paint.  Let some of the brown show through to give it low lights.  Use a paper towel to blot some of the paint off.  Let dry and your are done!!

I hope you can try this some time, it is really easy and has wonderful results!!

Challenges: - X - orange and brown - 11/29x - sketch 42 - 11/30 - shabby - 11/30x - hairy legs (older son is getting lots, lol) 12/7x - bingo - 12/5x - inspiration - leaves and colors - 11/29x

Erin R.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Countdown to 2011 **SiT**

Sketches in Thyme is finishing out the month with something new, it's a double-pager!! So head on over to SiT and play along, you could win some great prizes!!

The picture of of my friend and her 2001 New Year's Eve Bash!!  It looks as though they were having tons of fun!!  So here is my take on the sketch!!



Erin R.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Autumn Love **SiT**

It is time for the second sketch from Sketches in Thyme for the month of November.  It is a great one!!  So head on over to SiT and play along!!  You can use this sketch as a starting point to create, rotate, flip, whatever works to get you inspired!

My youngest son Brandon is sitting in the wonderful hay stack at his school this past October.  They do such a cute job with the scarecrows and pumpkins, only problem this year was the hay was wet and it smelled horrible, so it only stayed up for 1 week. I was so glad I remembered to bring my camera. 

Challenges: - orange and brown - 11/29x - shabby - 11/30 - Thanksgiving - 11/28x - fall - 11/30x - holiday - 11/28x


Erin R. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tooth Fairy with Embosed Button Tutorial **Scrapbook kits by Scrap with V and Frosted Deisgns**

I got to play with this wonderful kit from Scrapbook Kits by Scrap with V this month.  It is full of tons of wonderful bits a bobs of all kinds.  So go check them out and if you like my layout, you can buy the kit to create it yourself!!

The picture is of my son Morgan.  With in 2 days he lots his first two teeth.  He was so proud he showed everyone his gap, he felt like such a big boy!!  His Grandma Marty had given him a tooth fairy pillow in the shape of Texas, with a little heart pocket on it to place the tooth.  The tooth fairy came and left a little note and 4 quarters for both times he placed his tooth under his pillow.  He was so excited and came bouncing into our bedroom with money and note in hand that the tooth fairy came!!
I found this wonderful layout in one of the latest scrapbook magazines and I had to lift it.  I added the buttons to the kit from my stash, and below is the tutorial on how to turn them from plain to a fun mottled color by embossing them.  Frosted Designs in have a fun challenge this week to use dry/heat embossing.  So head on over and join in the fun!!

Embossed Button Tutorial
1) Supplies - buttons, heat tool, embossing power, tweezers, and pigment ink

2) Press the button into the ink and make sure that there is a good coat of ink on the button so the embossing powder will stick.

3) Coat the button with embossing power (I used clear since I used brown ink).  Using your tweezers hold the button and heat it with your heating gun.  Make sure all the powder is melted.  It will bubble and swirl the ink around on top of the button, that is the effect you want.  Let the button cool and use as normal.

4) you can play with all kinds of colors of ink, buttons, and embossing powders to create tons of fun colors.  You can even double dip with a second color to create a 3 tone effect if you want.

 Have fun with this and I hope you get some fun results!!


Erin R.

Monday, October 31, 2011

World at your Fingertips...Happiness? **Scraps with V**

My oldest son is going through a lot right now at school.  His anger has taken control of his life and he is having a hard time coping with frustration and loss, pretty sure all related back to his sister's death a little over 2 years ago.  He is going to therapy and we are trying to work through it all, it just takes time and a lot of patience.

This LO is about the frustrations he is feeling, the words on the left that create the wall he is facing say "the whole wonderful world is at your fingertips if you only reach for it" and then I titled it "happiness" as that is what we are trying to achieve, for him to be happy and to live a carefree childhood as best as he can.  I wanted to show the light at the end of our tunnel with the bling on the one side, and then the mess of paints and inks all over as the chaos we are dealing with right now.

I really grunged this LO up. I tried my hand at gesso and paints, smearing them on, then also stamping and inking, distressed the edges of the papers, tearing, and wetting the papers too.

I created this layout as an inspiration challenge with these wonderful fall colors over at Scraps with V.  If you would like to join in and play along please head on over and play along!!

Challenges: - (59) new beginnings - fresh start for my son - 11/3x - sketch - 11/15x - (43) anything goes - 11/2x (27) distress - 11/13x (129) 1234 - x - fall - 11/4x (19) anything goes - 11/11x (22) 3 layers - 11/7x (87) quote inspiration - 11/5x (55) anything goes - 11/5x (59) anything goes 11/5x - recipe - 11/3* - masculine - 11/12x (104) remember - 11/6x - fabric - 11/1x


Erin R. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boo - Morgan's Ghost

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

I hope everyone has a spectacular day with all the ghost and ghouls out today!! 
Halloween is a fun spooky why not let your pages feel the same.  Embrace the colors - orange, black, purple, and yellow.  I love these colors and Prima's Product picks for this month are perfect for this!! So head on over and take a look!!  Have fun with the dark and grunge feel of a page.........enter the dark side, lol.

The ghost in the picture is my oldest son Morgan.  He was having a blast with the sheet over his head making "boo" sounds trying to scare us a couple of days ago.  As luck would have it I had my camera in my pocket and I was able to get this fun picture of him.  Since then I have been mulling over how to create a layout this for this picture.

I love to create layers, it adds so much dimension to a page.  Layers of papers, colors, embellishments, and textures gives so much depth and intrigue to a keep you looking for more. In this page I was playing with the idea of the hard and the soft.  The hard dark edge of the colors and Halloween, but the softness of the flowers, ribbon, and swirls make a great juxtaposition to each other.  I also just love getting dirty playing with my distress inks, mists, and glitter.

I hope this inspires you to get dirty and to have fun playing a bit on the dark side of scrapbooking!!!

Challenges: - PPP - 11/15 - (43) anything goes - 11/2x - spooky - 11/3x (27) distress - 11/13 (129) 1234 - x (5) good vs evil - 11/9x - colors - 11/2x (19) anything goes - 11/11x (43) halloween - 11/1x - halloween - 11/1x (59) anything goes 11/5x - halloween - 11/5x (158) spooky - 11/2x (55) pumpkins - 11/8x  - fall - 11/10  - spooky - 11/1x (104) remember - 11/6x (90) glitter - 11/5x


Erin R.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Little One Card **Wags N' Whiskers Stamps GDT**

My long time friend from high school has a little girl who is turning one this weekend.  I thought I would make her a card, and when I found out I was a GDT for Wags N' Whiskers and saw their cute little image of the birthday dog I could not resist.

The challenge this week at Wags N' Whiskers is to use BLACK and a BOW or PEARLS. I used all three items, but I threw in some fun pink in the mix of it all since the birthday is for a girl, you have to use pink!!

I black matted all the papers to really make it pop, and to let each pink paper really stand out from each other.  TO also let the papers meld better i inked all the edges with black chalk ink, so fun little tip: always ink your edges to make then appear softer and it gives the entire overall look a much more relaxed feel.  I made the little bow, and used my stamps to create the cute little flowers!!

So head on over to Wags N' Whiskers and play in their fun challenge of BLACK and a BOW or PEARLS.

Challenges: - (59) new beginnings - baby - 11/3 - (43) anything goes - 11/2x - (41) sketch - 11/1 (52) CAS - 11/4 (129) 1234 - x (59) anything goes 11/5 (30) stripes and dots - 11/4 (104) remember - 11/6

Erin R.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cute as a Bug **SiT**

When Brandon was 7 month old (July of 2010) we were playing at a bounce house place with Big Brother Morgan.  Brandon was much too small to play there, but they had a little area perfect for him.  They had toys and balls that he thought were the greatest.  We played in the little area for a good hour while Morgan was having a blast bouncing away.  During this time I had just gotten my smart phone and I was playing with the camera feature of the phone, so Brandon playing was the subject of the day.   

When I saw this wonderful vintage sketch from Sketch Inspiration.  I remembered these pictures and it came alive.  I used some really old papers in my stash, and worked perfect for this layout!!  So I created this layout for Sketches in Thyme for their open challenge call..  So you still have time to head on over to SiT and load up your project to join in for the great prize this month!!  Also don't forget that SiT is having their DT call going on right now!!

I used only paper and ink for this layout, I cut strips of faux sewn paper and used them to create a border around the pictures.   I really went for a clean and simple look on this layout, something different from my normal shabby distressed ones.

Challenges: (59) anything goes 11/5


Erin R.

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