Friday, March 24, 2017

Clay Easter Egg Coloring Kids Craft

March is National Kids Craft Month so why not have some fun with you kids and do a craft!!  Now as much as I craft and love to get messy, my kids are just too young and really I just do not have the patience for "paint" projects with my kids, so I came up with a fun air dry clay craft that the kids can color - clay Easter eggs!!!

I cut the Makin's Clay air dry clay out into an egg share, some I left plain and some I textured before letting them dry.  Then I let the kids lose to color to their hearts content, I even had fun coloring one for myself!   Here is a video tutorial on how to make these fun eggs!

We even left some egg un-colored to pass out to our friends for them to color themselves!!  The kids are all excited to pass them out once they fully dry out.  Here is the eggs my kids made.

Any colored markers would work on these eggs, and if you are wanting to paint, they take paint too!!  So get out the craft for you kids, really it does not take that much time at all!!


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Supplies Used
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