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11 Ideas for Mixed Media Layers on ATCs

I have a ATC swap coming up so I decided to made 2 sets of ATC to send off.  I went for a grungy mixed media feel on both with a different color focus on them.  One set is all blue tones, the other is yellow and orange all over kraft and ivory card bases.  Here are some fun ideas to help you make some grungy mixed media ATC using supplies you probably already have. These techniques can work for more then just ATC, they work for all kinds of projects.

1) Patterned paper
Starting with a fun background of cardstock (something a little thicker to hold up to a ton of layers) always help with the layers, the let paper be the beginning and do the work for you! I used a paper pad set that had lots of options and cut them up to ATC size.  See the background paper popping trough in the back of the ATC!

2) Stamping
Easy way to add layers to your mixed media is to stamp.  You can do a background stamp on all your ATCs to help add color (use a colored ink) or if you have a colored paper do it in black.  Pick a fun background stamp to add layers without words, unless it is a generic script stamps.  This is where you start to pick the color theme of your ATC.  Here is a good background stamp to add in layers of texture.  In the bottom left corner youc an see some orange ink around the dominoes from the first layer of stamping.

3) Mica Powder
To add a little shimmer and shine you can use a little mica power with a stencil to add in layers.  Use a sticky glue pad to add in the powder with a fun stencil.  On the right side you can see shimmer of the a gold circle from the mica shining.

In this video I show you how to use the mica powder with a sticky glue pad and stencils.

4) Paste
Use a stencil to add in layers of various mediums. I like a light paste for this, and you can add in mica powder and reinkers to change the colors, or leave it white.  This is a super easy way to add layers with little bulk.  The yellow ATC had 2 colors of paste; one made form adding mica powder to made it rose gold and the other from adding in a yellow reinker.  The blue has plain white paste, but across the black background of the paper it really pops!

Here in this video I show you how to add color to paste and use them with stencils.

5) Mists
There are so many mists out there and they really help add in the grungy layers or color.  Stay in your color tone and add in little flicks, full sprays, drops, or splatters to get the desired look you want.  There is no wrong way to do this.  In the bottom right you can see little drips of blue mists, thse suttle hints make for a fun extra layer.

6) Paper Layers
Using strips of papers either cut or torn are a fun way to add more dimension.  Any scraps work for this.  You can see a strip of kraft paper next to the title on the left side.

7) Burlap and Cardboard 
Add in small amount of a different texture add to the layers and the grungy effect.  Tear it, rip it, shred it, or leave it whole it makes no difference, it all works!

8) Direct Ink
Taking your ink pad directly to the tag or card allows your to add color to to the ops of layers you have already added.  If you can do it in a colored ink or black ink, depends on which colors are most prominent in the under layers.  In the blue ATC kraft was the loudest color, so I added in bits of blue ink to the cardboard.  In the yellow ATC yellow was the loudest color, so adding black helped break it up, you can see it on the stenciled dots and lines. 

9) Die Cut or hand Cut Stamps
Stamping out your focal point image or words add a fun element and a focus to your ATC.  You do not have to do this, but it help you eye to focus on a point of the ATC.  For the blue ATC set I used a die set with the stamps, so they cut our perfectly.  For the yellow set, i hand cut them out, so it leave you the freedom to cut them as you want!

10) Watercolor
Using the inks as a base with a water brush (I add alcohol to mine) to paint the stamp adds even another layer of color and dimension.

11) Paint Pens
I found this fun paint pen that when you press down it leaves these fun rings.  So I played it up and have fun with it!

I hope this idea inspire you to make art and have fun.  ATCs are a great to to play and try out new ideas, and to experiment with new techniques!!

Here is the Yellow ATC set.

Here is the Blue Set.

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Supplies Used
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