Friday, January 27, 2012

Exciting New Design Team News!!

I am so excited to announce that I am a member of the Momenta D-Lite Team! This team is in addition to the Momenta 2012 Design Team. The D-Lite team will be responsible for providing feedback on products, helping to ensure that every product meets high standards for quality and design as well as providing insight to help shape future products!  The D-Lite Team will also be sharing their creations as inspiration!

Also on the team is this list of talented ladies:

And now for a great fun free gift from Momenta!!

Currently Momenta has a promotion going on allowing you to try the

Design Your Own Stickers for FREE!

All you have to do is send an email with your postal address to and you will receive a random pack of stickers!

This is open to US and Canada residents.

If you aren't familiar with our DYO Stickers, you can see a video here:

This is exciting new for me - it is new first ever manufacturer design team!!  I cannot wait to show you all the fun things that their products can do!!

Erin Reed

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Card Organizer ***Frosted Designs and SWV*** with tutorial

One of my scrappy friends was making these little albums the last time we met together (thanks Kim)!!.  I was just dumbstruck that had never seen this before, and kicking myself of all the cards I had thrown away over the years that I wished I would have saved, but had no clue how to organize or keep them.  Just think of all those baby cards, wedding cards, anniversary cards, birthday cards, and Christmas cards - not saying you need to keep everything, but some moments we must treasure and keep!!

This super easy and cute organizer is so simple - and you can make it any style, shape, size that suits your needs.  I made this cover for the Frosted Designs challenge o use a transparency on your project.  I hope you can head on over and take a look!!

Card Organizer Tutorial
1) Supplies you need - chipboard (I save the inserts that are put into the packages when I order paper) or cardboard, paper, ribbon, embellishments, and hole punch .

2) Cut your chipboard to be just a bit larger that your cards.  If you have some really odd shaped cards or ones that will just not work, then there is no need to put them in your book unless you want to.  Cut both a front and a back section.  Mine measure 8 x 6 inches each.  Punch a hole in the top corner - this to to string your ribbon though, so be careful that you punch with the book to open and close the way you want it to.

2) Cover your front and back sections and decorate as your like.  This book is made for my son Morgan who just turned 6 years old.  He loves Star Wars, so that is the theme I used. I placed his name and the years the card are from.  You can cover both the inside and outside of the book, or just one side - all up to you!!

3) Punch a hole in the top corner of each card your wish to go into your organizer.  The order is up to you.

4) Starting with your front cover starting stringing the cover, then the cards, then the back cover and tie together with a simple knot.  Make sure you can undo the knot in the future if you have more cards to insert, this can be an open ended book if you wish it to be.  Also be sure to keep enough slack in your knot so you can open the book to see the cards in it.

I hope this has inspired you to keep those cards.  Maybe a fun little activity you can do for Valentines Day this year!!


Erin R.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Years ***SiT***

I am helping a friend make an album for her New Years Eve party from 2010-2011 and these are some of the fun pictures of everyone dancing.  It really looks like they are having a blast!!

I used the new sketch from Sketches in Thyme for a double layout.  So head on over and play along, this is a great sketch to get lots of pictures of a page without it looking super cluttered.


Erin Reed

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Years Girl ***SiT**

This is another Lo i made for my friend about her New Years Eve party.  These pictures are all about her daughter.

The sketch is from Sketches in Thyme and my take on the sketch.  I hope you can pop over to join in the challenge!!



Erin Reed

Monday, January 9, 2012

Love of my Dreams ***Frosted Designs***

One night I was playing around with my phone when Brandon was about 8 months old.  I was using the light of my lamp and the sepia section on the camera of my phone and I got this wonderful photo of him.

This layout was made using only cardstock for the Frosted Designs Challenge to use only Cardstock.  I hope you can come out and play too!!

On the outside blue border paper I used a stamp with black ink.  I also used a mask and mist to create the swirl on the top right blue paper (it does not show that well on this photo).  I also used distressing and hand drawn swirls on the blue paper below the picture.

The "Dreams" chipboard were made from an old stash I had that were yellow.  I painted them brown, then stamped them with a swirl stamp in black ink to give the swirl effect on them, and lastly I used a crystal stickles to make them shimmer.  I used the same technique on the chipboard below the picture, but without the ink swirl effect.

Challenges:  - new beginnings - 1/31 - anything goes - 1/12x - over the rainbow - lots of blue sky - 1/10x - new beg - 1/18


Erin R.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry and Bright - with Bling Tutorial **Frosted Designs**

Every year the kids, my mom, and myself head on over to Riverbend Country Club for Brunch with Santa.  We started going when my oldest son was 2, and he has been every year since.  I have not always made the brunch due to being pregnant or having a new born.  The kids have a blast seeing Santa and eating fun brunch foods, and the parents enjoy being able to get Santa pictures without having to wait in horrible lines (Santa stays until everyone gets their turn).  The club is decorated just perfect, it is such a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas!!

I made this page as part of a round robin challenge with my swirlydoo sisters!!  Thanks for the great inspiration ladies!!
Coloring your Bling Tutorial
Have you ever needed a specific color of a pearl or crystal, and the ones you have just don't fit?  Here is a quick and easy way to color your pearls and bling with markers!!

1) Supplies - pearls, crystals, bling, gems, etc (white or clear)- Copic markers and/or Bic Mark Its in the colors of your choice

2) Use your markers to color the pearls or gems.  I find it best to color them on the plastic backing before I place it on my project.  When using my Copic markers I use the brush end, it is easier to apply to the gem.

3) Let the ink set for a few seconds before touching it.  Both markers work the same as they are both alcohol based inks.  Sharpies, crayola, or other markers (especially washable) do not work, they just rub off.  These are the only two markers I have found to stay on the bling.

4) Apply your colored bling to your project and enjoy!!  Your colors are only limited by your marker colors now.  Try blending two different colors of markers.  You can even try and color gems and pearls that are not clear to see what new colors you get, the possibilities are endless!!

Head on over to Frosted Designs and play in the wonderful challenges!!

Challenges:  - X - anything goes - 1/18x


Erin R.

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