Sunday, June 10, 2018

Beach Art - Seashell Flowers

One of my favorite things to do on the beach is collect shells.  Walking down a sandy or rocky beach and finding those hidden little gems of natural beauty is so much fun.  Now that I have collected all these amazing shells, my crafty brain starts thinking what can I do with them... flowers!!

My kids even get in on the collecting of the shells and find some really good ones!!

Just bring your bucket along and have some fun out in the fresh air!!

The first thing to do with the shells is to let them dry and clean them.  A lot of the stuff comes off the shells if you let them "sun bake" then you just rub off the extra "stuff" and they are good to go!  I lined up the shells by type and by size to make the creating that much easier.

I like to keep the shells in the same family when creating, so only 1 shell type per flower.  I do this for a couple of reasons, but the main reason is it makes it easier to put the shells together when the shapes are all similar.  Here is a video on how to create these amazing shell flowers from start to finish.

I just love the look of these flowers, and each shell type has its own look and color when the flower is finished.  I love the look of the mussel shells with their dark color.

The pretty white clam shells are so pretty too!!

Another shell I collected had a little of a purple hue to it and it looks amazing!!

I even added a shell flower to a section of driftwood for a little decor piece, and it looks so pretty!!

So next time you are at the beach, collect some shells and bring them home to make something pretty, and don't forget to get all different sizes for tiny to large!!

Supplies Used
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