Friday, March 30, 2018

Tips on Planting New Potatoes in Raised Garden Beds

I love potatoes, they really go with anything.  They are yummy mashed, boiled, friend, roasted, and they might be my favorite food!  So on top of all that, they are so easy to grow!! Here are my tips for planting and harvesting red new potatoes.

Here is a detailed video from plaiting to harvest for these red new potatoes.

I started with a few potatoes from the last batch I harvested.  I think that is the best part of the whole potatoes growing process, use what is left over.  I keep them in a box and let them start growing a bit before planting.

Plant the potatoes starters in a mound of soil and let them grow!  make sure to give enough dirt in depth since the potatoes grows in the ground.  the deeper you give the plant to grow the better.  In about a month or so you will see a little plant shoot up!

Give it a little bit longer, about another 1-2 months and the plant gets even bigger!

You know it is time to harvest when the plant looks dead.  Use your hands or a small shovel to dig up the potatoes.

Wash them and enjoy!

Do you like potatoes?

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Red potato Seeds
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