Sunday, December 4, 2016

21 Christmas Card Ideas from a Card Swap

I got a chance to be apart of a card swap about a month ago, and I got some amazing cards back from some fantastic crafty ladies.

I made 2 of the cards, but the other 21 cards are all from the various ladies in the swap.  Here is a complete video rundown of all the amazing cards in the swap, plus my thoughts on how they made them!!

The big themes for this year based on these cards:
1) Foil  - there are some many card that had foil on them in some way, embossed foil, foil cut outs, foil on the bow, it really does make for a beautiful card!!

2) embossed white cardstock - take a simple sheet of white cardstock and embossing it seem to be a huge trend, and it looks amazing!!

3) Vertical Flip up Cards - cards that open differently, those that flip up but are vertical seemed to be a huge trend!

Enjoy some amazing cards from some truly talented ladies!!!


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