Saturday, May 30, 2015

Personalized Water Bottle **Xyron and CCB**

My husband recently got a metal water bottle for a course he is taking, and so did 80 other people who take this class.  He wanted to specialize his bottle so he would not pick up the wrong one in future classes, but he also wanted it simple.  He is in the Signal Corps of the Army so the color is orange and a symbol is the fist of lightning, his very specific requests along with his name.

Here is the step by step instructions to create a personalized bottle:
1) Create a simple fist with lightning and add his name at the bottom as a JPeg file.

2) Print of image onto Canvas Home Basics orange cardstock and clean surface of the bottle.

3) Cut out design into a smaller size and run it though the Xyron Creative Station with the 5" Laminate refill.  Now it will be water resistant with the plastic coating on the paper.

4) Fussy cut out the design with good scissors.

5) Use a good tacky or strong glue of choice to stick the image to the bottle and clean up excess glue.

6) Enjoy your personalized water bottle!!  This cannot go into the dishwasher as the glue will not last, but it can get a bit wet when refilling or washing it out lightly. 

Supplies Used
Glue - Beacon
Metal Water Bottle

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