Friday, December 20, 2013

Ornament Duo - Part 2 **Flamingo Scraps**

Here is my second post of how to make these wonderful clear plastic ornaments in to a handmade work of art for you tree.

 The first thing you need is a clear glass or plastic ornament, then you let your imagination soar about what you create, fill, wrap, or decorate it with.

Bottle Brush Tree Ornament

In this tree I used the super cute bottle brush trees from Fancy Pants and some wonderful flowers from Prima.

First you add a tiny blob (yes that is an official term, hehe) of fast drying clear glue (like ZipDry) to the bottom of each tree and place them into the ball.  I used tweezers to help place the tree.  The trick is to let one tree dry and hold fast before adding in the second tree or anything else in the ball or they just fall over.  patience is key here.

 Now that your trees are dry I added in a bit of angel dust with make it look like the were nesteld in snow (it is like thick glitter or even glitter would work).

The I created a cluster of flowers from Prima from the wonderful Warehouse Boxes that Flamingo Scraps is offering (on sale too) and wrapped it around the top of the ball.  I then added the top hook of the ball back on (I glued it so it would not pop off and glitter would get everywhere), added a bow to cover up the topper, and strung up the top with a silver ribbon to hang on my tree.

Embellishment Ornament

Here I stayed with a single color of blue (in various hues) and created a ball of wonder, a fun little search and find ball for my kids full of odd bits and pieces from my scrapbook stash (left over from the Flamingo Scraps warehouse boxes).

Here is the stash of items I used to fill the ball.  I used buttons, flowers, charms, sequins, plastic bits and bobs, petals, and other fun items that would fit into the ball from left over projects and from Warehouse box items.

Here you an see the flower cluster I made prior to attaching it to the ball.  I took little flower buds on wire and threaded larger flowers under it.  I then took the wire stem and wrapped it around the top of the ball to secure it.

I then took ribbon and wrapped the top to cover the wire stems from the flower.  Then attached the ornament topper, added ribbon to string it up, and poof you have a wonderful search and find ornament ball.

Here you can see even more goodies, and as you shake it more items appear!

Supplies used can be found at Flamingo Scraps
Ornament ball
Flowers - Prima and other
Ribbon -Websters
Bottle Brush Trees - Fancy Pants
Embellishments  -Flamingo Scraps


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