Friday, December 28, 2012

Grateful - Wall Hanging **Flamingo Scraps**


This month the Flamingo 4 were given paper, chipboard frames, a playing card, and a large MDF letter ((I got G).  When I saw the letter and the 3 chipboard picture frames I knew I needed to do something about my children.  I usually create off the page products for friends and family as gifts, but this one I am keeping.  

 I used the paper to cover the letter and also to create the two rosette flowers (spiral rolled) and leaves.

I used the picture frames as frames for my 4 children, boys in the middle and girls on the top on bottom, using gelatos to color them in.  I also used gelatos to color the sides of the large letter.  The playing card I was given had a little girl on it, so I cut the little girl out and just it with in my cluster of flowers, gems, and leaves.  I then played around with the idea of what the “G” stands for with my children, and “Grateful” is what I am for being able to be a mom.

Now head on over to Flamingo Scraps and check out the other amazing projects nade from these items by the other Flamingo 4 Team.


Erin Reed

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