Friday, April 27, 2012

Bloom and Grow with Distress Painted Chipboard Tutorial **Frosted Designs and SWV**

Every year it is a tradition to take pictures when the bluebonnets come out, usually around the end of March into the beginning of April.  One of the best places around Houston to take these pictures is in Chappel Hill, and low and behold Grandma Marty and Grandpa By live there!!  We always find a great little patch around their house and take a few quick pics one weekend when we are out there.  This year we did not get there early enough because the bluebonnets came out early and at their house they got few bluebonnets and a lot more indian paint brush flowers.  So this year is is more of an indian paint brush shot!!  So here are my boys in the Texas wildflowers in March of 2012.

I created this layout with a few things in mind.  One, for the Swirlydoo Round Robin challenge we have every month, two for Frosted Designs and their rolled paper challenge starting April 27, and just to drop it in really early Scraps with V June inspiration challenge.

I also tried a new technique for my chipboard letters.  I did not have the right color or shape, so I took some plain chipboard and paint distressed it to fit with the layout.  So here is a tutorial to show you how i did it.

Distress Painted Chipboard Tutorial

1) Supplies - chipboard, acrylic paint, paint brush, and ink (I used Distress ink, but any will work)

2) Paint your chipboard your desired color - if you are painting over an existing color you might need more than one coat.  Let completely dry before any further steps.

3) Press your finger into the ink (I find brown inks work best) and make sure you have ink on your finger.

 4) Transfer the ink from your finger into your dried chipboard.  You will see finger print marks (lines from your finger) but that just ass to the effect plus they fade some while drying.  Aplly as many coats as you wish, let each coat dry some before the next one or you will just wipe the ink off.

 5) Let the ink dry before gluing to your project.  You get this really pretty distressed look to your chipboard, in any color arrangement you like - all your need is the paint color and ink!!


Erin Reed


  1. Thank you for sharing.... Now following you to see what other cool stuff you create

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