Monday, December 6, 2010

Silk Flower BloomsTutorial

I found this tutorial a long time ago to make little flower blooms out of old flowers and flowers cut from paper, but then I thought what about with silk, using the same technique.

So here is my silk flower blooms tutorial.  Sorry the pictures are so grainy, I will try and retake them soon.

- silk flowers, I used 3-4 for my flowers, you could use 5, but need at least 3.
- hot glue gun (I have not found a tacky glue that works well with the silk flowers), you could also try glue dots
- scissors

1) Place a little glue in the middle of one of the flowers, I let it cool off before I touched it. I then pinched up the base the petals to give it a squished look.

2) Once it is squished up, cut the bottom of the flower off(at the base), this makes the flower flatter (or it is just a pointy mess) and fill out better when done

3).  Place glue on the middle of another flower and nest the first cut flower int he middle of the second.

side view
top view

4) Repeat the pinching of the base of the flower and cutting the base off like you did for the first flower.   The place glue in the middle of the 3rd flower and nest the combined 1st and 2nd pinched set of flowers into the 3rd (in the middle). You can stop here and have a complete flower, or you can do more layers for a fuller flower.   It all depends on the flower you use and the effect you want for how many flowers you layer.

Complete Layout with the flowers. All the flower on here were done using this technique.  The red flowers are a combination of silk and old prima ones I found in my stash.

Enjoy and hope you have fun making these!!


  1. Stunning flowers Erin!!! Great job on the tutorial!!

  2. WOW. Your flowers are gorgeous!!!! I have so many silk flowers I can't wait to try this out!! TFS HUGS!!!


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