Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Retro V Flower Tutorial

Retro V flowers

These flowers are so pretty, there are many uses, so here are the basics.  I got the idea from some posts at

1.  Supplies - 3 punches for flowers (I used the retro punches for the 2 larger flowers, and then a small pointed flower punch for the smallest flower), sponge, light brown or tan acrylic paint.


2. Punch out 2 of each flower.

3. Add water to the paint (about a 50/50 solution or you can just spray with water if you wish), using your sponge dab some of the paint water mixture onto each flower and scrunch them up to crumple them (this process gives it more of a crumpled flower look).

4. Open up the largest flower and pinch the ends of the petal between your fingers.  Do this for all the petals of the 4 largest flowers.

5. For the 2 smallest flowers pinch from the base to squish all the petals up together for one and keep the other open (non-squished)

6. Place a small dab of glue (tacky glue, glue dots, glossy accents, etc) in the center of on of the largest flowers and stack the other largest flower on top of that one, but angle the petals so they do not line up.  Do the same thing to the 2 middle sized flowers, then nestle them into the 2 largest flowers, and then the same for the smallest 2 flowers with the open flower on the bottom and the pinches flower to on last.  All the layers just nest into each other.

When you are done you have a very versatile flower for you pages or cards.  You can also make a smaller version of the flower by just using the smaller two punches (leave the largest 2 flowers off). 

Thanks so much for looking.


  1. these flowers look awesome have to try this.
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow Wow Wow, I so wish I had these punches, funny enough I have the little one, I will try to do a template these are the nicest flowers I have truly seen to make yourself, thanks so much. Melxx

  3. very very cute and look pretty easy...must try these.

  4. I actually HAVE all of these punches. Can't wait to try this.


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