Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ways to Use your Sticker Stash - Sticker Filled Easter Eggs!!!

My kids have tons of Easter egg hunts to go to.  From pre-school, neighborhood, soccer, moms groups, our house, grandparents, and many many more I feel like I am having to fill at least 100 eggs each Easter for these egg hunts.  Now do not get me wrong, i love to do to them, but there is a bit of overkill on the candy that come into my house.  So as my way to solve the problem I am filling my eggs with stickers, but not just any stickers, sticker left in my scrapbook stash!!!

Watch this little video tutorial to learn all about it!!

Filling Easter Eggs with scrapbook stickers from your stash other than candy fills many purposes:

1) It will not melt if it is hot - on Texas it is HOT at Easter.
2) Ants will not get into the candy filled eggs and make it gross!!
3) My kids do not need that much sugar.  If they get eggs filled with toys, erasers, stickers, rings, etc then the better for me.  None of use need that much candy!!!
4) Parents with kids who have food allergies will be super happy.  Finally they do not need to swap the candy for something else, you have already given them something their kids can have!!!
5) You got to finally use your stickers from your sticker stash!!!
6) You saved money by using somehting your already had instead of buying extra "stuff".

Supplies Used
Various Plastic Eggs
Stickers - Creative Memories, Stickapotomus, Basic Grey, Paper House, Pebbles, Adorn It, Jolees, K& Co, Imaginisce, Recollections, Mrs. Grossmans's and Sandylion.



  1. What a GREAT idea!! I am a Mommy to 4 kids as well.. not so little anymore-- but still 3 living at home. Youngest is 14 now. (he has special needs.) :) Superb no-candy idea!:) ~ Ali (BL)

  2. Now this is a sensational idea. Wish I had thought of that when the children were younger. Thanks for sharing Erin. Much love, Deb x (BL)


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