Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Inspiration is Key - Mixed Media **Die~Namites & Xyron & Big Red Stamps & CCB**

While at a scrap retreat about 3 weeks ago some lovely lady brought these fun gunky keys from Michaels to give out.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to create an altered mixed media piece with it.  I brought the key home and dug into my box of alterable items (boxes, frames, canvases, etc) and came across this frame that my neighbor gave me, which I thought it looks funky as colors go, but I like the depth and feel of the frame.  I took the glass out of the frame and started to play!!

I love to get my hands grungy and dig into the world of mixed media.  There is no right or wrong to this, you just keep adding layers and layers of textures, bits, bobs, and colors and you end up with a really cool neat piece of art.  Most of the items in the box are found items from my garage, left over bits of embellishment packages, flowers, charms, etc.  There is no limit to what you can use in these projects.  Below is a step by step tutorial on how I made this piece.

Here are some of the amazing products I used on this project.
Large Fauna

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Here are some up close shots of the sides and interior of the project.

Don't be afraid to step in and get messy!!

Supplies Used
Frame - Michaels
Key - Michaels
Found Items
Mediums - 13 Arts & Prima
Beads/Glass - Prima
Ink - Prima
Flowers - Petaloo
Heat Gun - Uchida 


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Teal Pumpkin Project **CCB & Deflecto & Xyron**

A friend of mine has a daughter with severe allergies, down to 28 foods!  Until you are around or have allergies yourself you don not realize how food centered all our holidays are, one in particular is Halloween.  Imagine being a little kid and not being able to have any of the fun items you went trick or treating for because eating them could kill you?!?!  Easy alternative is to offer kids with allergies a toy instead!!  But how to they know you offer non candy items?  Place a teal pumpkin or a sign saying you offer non candy treats and done!!

I wanted to give something to my friend to show my support for her daughter, so I made her a glammed up teal pumpkin she can have outside her house.  I mixed the TA Cerulean and Jade paint to come up with the teal color of the pumpkin.  I then used the TA Ebony for the stem.  I could not just paint a pumpkin and leave it, so I added some black shading in the grooves and then spiced up the top with some black and tan raffia and some gold glittered balls.

I used the dollar store pumpkin as the base which is made from Styrofoam and super light.  The paint took to it like a charm!!I gave the pumpkin 2 coats of TA DIY paint letting it dry between each coat, then painted the stem black.

I was at a scrap retreat this past weekend and the AMAZING Jennifer Snyder was there and she had some fun pumpkin cards she was letting us make.  We were playing with oil pastel crayons and hers was the orange colors, but I thought why not make the card teal to go with my teal pumpkin, then add in the same embellishments to make them go together!!  THANKS Jen for the amazing card make n'take!!

I then thought not only use the teal pumpkin at your house to give away non candy/food items but carry one around with you if you have the food allergy!!  So I took a plastic McDonald's Halloween bucket and painted it the same blend of TA paints, use a jack-o-lantern Cricut cutout on CCB Black Cardstock, add some back trim to the top, and then use Mod Podge in a mat finish to seal it all in.

I painted both the inside and out, and the paint did an amazing job of covering up the Scooby-Doo and the gang!  You can also use the as your house pumpkin and actually put the non food items you are giving away


Another alternative to painting a pumpkin for your house is to put up a sign.  There are many signs you can find, there are a couple examples below.  I used a printable I found from and used CCB papers starting with printing it on kraft cardstock, matting it on white cardstock, adding a black horizontal border, and then misting white cardstock with TA Mist in Dragonfly for the background.  I then slid the sign into the Deflecto 9 x12 Plastic Wall Art Display Frame to keep it from getting damaged.
My sign will sit outside by the front door on Halloween for those kids who need an alternative to candy for Halloween!!

 Here are some other signs that you can print and put up for our food allergy kids!!

Supplies Used

Teal Pumpkin
Pumpkin - Dollar Store
Ink - Prima 
Raffia - Floral Department
Gold Balls - Floral Department
Adhesive - Beacon

Stamp - Tim Holtz
Oil Pastels - Prima
Paper - Prima
Ink - Prima
Jute - Prima
Raffia - Floral Department
Gold Balls - Floral Department

Teal Bucket
Bucket - McDonalds
Pumpkin Cut - Cricut
Sealant - Mod Podge


Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Candy Bottles **CCB & Deflecto**

I love to give a little gift to my kids teachers for the holidays, it could be a card, box, or something a bit different.  This time I had a bunch of bottles that I used up around the same time (hot sauce, vinegar, etc) and thought "I can up-cycle these into something cute".  From that came these cute little candy bottles for my kids teachers for Halloween.

Candy Bottle Directions

1) My only deciding factor in the bottles I choose was did it have a screw cap and could a pieces of candy corn be put into the top.  This gave me 4 bottles to use, perfect for the number of teachers I had to give to!

2) I started out soaking the bottles with vinegar and water to get all the reside and smell of the previous foods that were in there and to help peel off the labels from the outside of the bottles.I then left them to dry for a couple of days with the lids off.

3) I then cut sheets of paper to cover the bottom of the bottle, before it curved up, so just the straight edge in 3 different Haunt it Collection from Canvas Home Basics  - Haunt It: Orange and Black Stitched Diamond on Kraft, Haunt It: Cats, Hats, and Bats on Kraft, and Orange and Ivory Chevron.  I inked all the edges of the in black ink and glued them to the bottles with Beacon 3 in 1 glue.

4) I then cut up labels for the front of the bottles from the CCB Haunt It: Tags on Kraft, inked the edges, and glue them to the front of the bottles.  I picked the tags that would fit the size of the bottles, but they are all super cute!!


5) I wrapped the tops of the bottles in CCB hemp rope in black, orange, and grey (pulling the strands apart so they would not be as thick when wrapping them).  I added a little wet erase tag from Deflecto as they could rewrite the "to" and "from" and reuse the gift if they wanted.  I just added the tag in as I wrapped the rope around the bottle about half way down the neck.  I again use Beacon 3 in 1 glue to hold the rope to the bottle.

6) One of the caps to the bottles was a bright blue and it really did not go with the colors of the papers or the candy.  Do I just painted it with the Tattered Angels DIY paint in Ebony.  It covered it up beautifully an you cannot even tell it was blue anymore!!

7) Fill your bottles with Halloween candy of your choice, I picked Candy Corn as it just screams Halloween more then other candies!!  Now just to give them to the teachers!!  Trick or Treat!!

Supplies Used
Tags - Deflecto
Ink - Prima
Adhesive - Beacon 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Deco Mini Pumpkins **CCB & Die~Namites**

I love those cute little pumpkins and gourds that come out in the fall.  They are in all colors and shapes such as orange, white, stripes, green, yellow, round, squat, and much much more.  I love to put them out by my front door, around my house, and on my dining room table - then I thought why not decorate them up a little and make them really shine!!

I wanted to keep the feel of the pumpkin, so I kept with the colors and the grungy rustic feel of fall with raffia, hemp rope, and paper flowers.  I used the amazing Canvas Home Brands papers and rope, Tattered Angels Mists, and Die~Namites Dies to create these fun little guys!!

You know you want some dies now, right? 
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Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make these fun little pumpkins!!

Here is some close ups on each pumpkin.

Happy Fall!!

Supplies Used
Pumpkins - Various Kinds
Paper - Canvas Home Brands
Rope - Canvas Home Brands
Mists - Tattered Angels
Flowers - Prima
Dies - Die~Namites
Glue -Beacon

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sparkle **Paper House & PageMaps & Tattered Angels & Xyron**

My husband had a formal military dinner to attend, and to me that is just a fun night to dress up and look pretty!! I decided to go out and get my hair done (which I never do), do some glam makeup (which I never wear), paint my nails, and wear high heels (which I never wear). Since I was all glammed up I decided to take my phone outside and get some selfies, pretty much so I could make a layout about me!!

The Gatsby collection was just perfect for my glamorous pictures. I kept with the black, white, and gold colors because the Pagemaps sketch had a lot going on already, I did not want the page to take away from the point of the layout, the pictures.  Below is the October Pagemaps sketch that I used, check out all the all the amazing October Sketches!!
I used the beautiful Gatsby Collection from Paper House, full of rich yellow, gold, black, and white it is pure decadence on paper.  I then added in a few embellishments and puffy stickers from the Paper House Noir and Gatsby Collections.
 Here are some up close shots of this elegant layout.

I felt so goofy outside taking pictures of myself, but I was all dressed up and we do tend to forget to take pictures of ourselves, well at least I do. 

Supplies Used
Cardstock - Bazzill
Patterned Paper - Paper House
Stickers - Paper House
Ephemera - Paper House
Metals - Prima
Flower - Prima
Pearls - Prima
Mist/Paint - Tattered Angels
Adhesive - Xyron


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