Thursday, November 17, 2016

Decorative Letter for Home Decor **Rinea & Eyelet Outlet & Beacon**

I love the large decorative paper mache letters you find at all the big box craft stores.  You can do so much them with them, and when I got my Rinea foil papers I knew I had to make something fun with it!!

This letter can be used for all kinds of things, as a decorative mantle home decor piece, by the way the "R" is for Reed my last name. Right now it is sitting on my mantel over my fireplace, but this is so light it can be hung on a wall, on a table surface, as a letter for a kids door.  You can even do the rest of the letters in your name and make it larger.  The possibilities are endless.  

Here is the full video on how I made this fun decorative letter.

The main part of the letter is covered in Rinea foils, I used the embossed copper color and it make it look so rich and beautiful!! I even added in the foils to the flower up in the corner!!  Top it off with some beautiful brads and pearls swirls from eyelet Outlet and you have a beautiful decor piece.

The paper takes distressing really well.  I used a little bit of sandpaper to distress the foil and it looks amazing!!

Supplies Used
Letter - Michaels
Foil - Rinea
Decoupage - Mod Podge
Pearls - Eyelet Outlet
Brads - Eyelet Outlet
Flowers - Eyelet Outlet
Punches - EK & McGill
Cutting Tool - EK
Glue - Beacon Adhesives

Here is my fun unboxing video plus me playing with the Rinea Foil paper to see what it can do!

Rinea is doing a blog hop with the Designers Crafts Connections and there is an amazing prize!!  Check it out below!

Now make sure you hop on over to all the other ladies starting with Designer Crafts Connection.


  1. Erin, turned out great. I will have to try some sandpaper!

    1. it works best on the embossed paper, but i love it!

  2. Hi Erin. I love how you distressed the foil. This looks great!

  3. This is beautiful. I like how you covered the letter and made a flower.

  4. Beautiful project! I love the distressing.

  5. Every little girl is going to want one of those in their room! Gorgeous project!


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