Saturday, June 10, 2017

Over 37 Ideas for Paper Craft Embellishments from Swaps

I belong to a paper craft group where we swap embellishments every month.  The number in the group varies between 6-10, but never more than 10.  This mean if there are 10 people in the group, I create 10 embellishments send away 9, and keep one for myself.  I then in return get up to 9 embellishments back all from different people, and they are all a little different!

Making embellishments is really fun, you can try out new techniques, and if you mess up on one, just make another!!  Here is the first video of the embellishments I received for Jan and Feb of 2017.  There were lots of fun idea for holidays such as Valentines Day and St Patrick's day, plus some everyday embellishments too.

I made two of the embellishments in this swap, the clay hearts and the steampunk wings made from Styrofoam.  That is part of the beauty of making these fun little pices of art, you can make them from anything!!!  Here is an up close picture of the embellishments and the video on how to make them.

Steampunk Clay Hearts

 Steampunk Styrofoam Wings

Now what can you do with these embellishments when they are done being made?  So many ideas, here is one example of the use on an ATC set I created.  I used the steampunk Styrofoam wings as the focal point on these ATCs.

Here are a few other fun embellishments I received in this batch.  To see the rest, please view the video here -

I got another batch of embellishments in for March and April, so fun things for spring and Easter!!  Here is a little run down of the amazing embellishments I got for these 2 months.

I made two of the embellishments for this swap, again a bit different then before.  This time it was a little stamped image on a clip, and then some inches with clay embellishments on them.  Below is an up close image of these embellishments and also the video on how I created them.

Mixed Media Inchies with Clay 3D painted Objects

Stamped Planner Clips

Here are some of the amazing embellishments I got from the other crafty ladies in the group.  To see all the other embellishments please see my video here -

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Supplies Used
Interested in the supplies I used in this project?  Most are listed below and some are affiliate links, which generates a me little commission (at not extra cost to you at all) when you click on the link and make a purchase.  Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here.

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