Saturday, October 29, 2016

Autumn Cards **Makin's Clay & Beacon & Rinea & Canvas Corp**

I wanted to make a couple of cards for the autumn season, a bit into Thanksgiving, to have on hand in case I wanted to give a card out during this time.

I wanted to create a simple card that just really made the leaves and the feeling of fall stand out.  I did not add much to them, but simple foils leaves and a little clay figure on a clip in complementary colors.  The card base really does all the work as it is a pre-stitiched canvas or burlap card on a neutral color, so easy to make an elegant card with!!  Here is my video tutorial on how to make these cards.

Here are some close up pictures of these cards.

I just love these little owl and turkey cutters!!

Happy fall!!

Supplies Used
Card Base - Canvas Corp
Clothespin - Canvas Corp
Rope - Canvas Corp
Clay - Makin's Clay
Clay Tools - Makin's Clay
Foil - Rinea 
Puff Paint - Scribbles
Glue - Beacon Adhesives


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