Friday, August 26, 2016

Creeper Zipper Pulls **Makin's Clay & Beacon**

My kids love Minecraft and anything about Minecraft, so I thought I would make them some fun zipper pulls for their backpack zippers in the shape of Creepers!!

They turned out so cute and perfect for a little backpack bling!!  I used a ton of Makin's clay clays, tools, and all.  Check out the Makin's Clay blog for full details!!

Here is also a video tutorial on how to make these fun little guys.

Did you know that Beacon 3 in 1 can also act like a top coat resin in a pinch?    To seal the top and fill in all the little gaps of the creeper faces I took some of the 3 in 1 glue and spread it all around to make a thick coat.  It worked like a charm!!  Amazing glue!!

Supplies Used
Clay - Makin's Clay
Clay Tools - Makin's Clay
Twine - Prima
Glue - Beacon

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