Friday, June 10, 2016

Kids Science Project - Dino Eggs **Beacon & Tattered Angels**

My son had a science project to do and his project he picked out was all about fossilized dinosaur eggs.  He had to so research on what kind of eggs were found, name of dinosaur, where in the world they were found, size, color, nest type, nest shape, and tons more.  He then wanted to make a replica of the eggs he researched about - putting a hands on spin to things.

My son did not do 100% of the building and molding, but he was apart of all the stages and helped a lot.  Here is the video on how we made thee fun dino eggs.

We used a couple of Beacon products to make these items, makers mix, makers molds, maker colors, and Power-Tac glue to hold the big egg together.

We really had fun making this project and her learned a ton about dinosaur eggs too!

Supplies Used
Paint - Tattered Angels

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