Friday, May 27, 2016

Tattered Angels Paint Lab

I have always wondered how each of the different Tattered Angels Paints and Mists were different or the same, mostly to ask the question why do I need Baseboard and not Glimmer Mist?  What is the difference?  Also which paint r mist is best for various surfaces?  What should I use on glass, wood, paper, etc?  So i set out to make a set of videos that answered that question for me, and I call it my Paint Lab.

Each video has between 4-5 surfaces that are similar but different that I test against all 10 types of paints or mists in 2 colors, one dark (black) and one light (yellow) to see the difference and similarities between them.

Video 1: Papers - Glossy White, White, kraft, and black.

Video 2: Textures - Wood, metal, burlap, canvas, and rope.

Video 3: Embellishments - Cork, Plastic, Glass, and Chipboard

Video 4: Mediums - Gesso, soft gel, modeling paste, and texture paste

Video 5: Ribbon - Lace, grosgrain, cheese cloth, and satin.

If you have any suggestions on other surfaces you wish me to try this Paint Lab on, leave me a comment and I can see what I can do!!

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