Friday, May 8, 2015

Reward Chart **Xyron & Paper House**

I did something a bit different this time, an award chart for my kids. I have made so many paper ones (printed, made by hand, or just throwing stickers on a paper) for earning things to try and eliminate bad behaviors (hitting, acting up at school, not getting along with siblings) or try and instill good behavior (potty training, good days at school, etc) and I hate to create a new one each time.  So now I have created one that all I do is change up the name, goal and prize to reaching the goal.  For my boys it is getting along at home.  They earn a magnet on the chart for time they spend together and do not fight!!!

This machine is so cool it fits both the 9" and the 5" refills for any of the cartridges!!

Paper House Snapshot Stickers in Dogs, Cats, Football, Baseball, and Soccer.

Pull off the foam sticker on the back of each Paper House Snapshot sticker and run it through the machine. 

Cut each image out with scissors and boom a magnet!!  

I had a ton of left over magnetic pieces left from cutting out the Paper House Snapshots and I did not want to waste it so I cut them up and fit them on the back of the various puffy stickers, letting the sticker be the adhesive to the magnetic laminate front, and viola more magnets!!

Various Paper House Puffy Stickers Used - Frogs, Dino, Polar, Trucks, Owls, Foxes, Sports, and Baby Girl.

Scraps left!

Cut out sections of cardstock in pink and red and using the Xyron® Tape Runner glued them to the inside top and sides.

I then created little boxes out of colored cardstock (yellow, green, and pink) to act as holders for the extra magnets, below is the diagram.

Create the little boxes to the size of the large box you are using.  My dimensions were 8.5 " long, 6" wide, and 2" squares for the corners.


I then laminated them with the Xyron® CreativeStation 9” Creative Station Laminate Refillso they would be sturdier.


Cut off the excess plastic and re-cut the section at the corners.

Hot glue the edges to hold the laminated box together and then glued the little laminated boxes inside the larger box at the bottom.

Use the black alpha stickers to spell out "Child", "Goal", and "Prize" at the top of each of the boxes.  Write the words the name of the child(ren) doing the reward, the reward, and the prize on red cardstock and attached them to the front of the boxes with a spiral clip.  These cards can be changed out each time there is a new reward, new prize, or new child earning something so this reward chart can be used over and over again!!!

I glued the bought blue magnetic board inside the large box (up-cycled from a paper kit I received as a present years ago), popped a sticker title at the top with the orange washi tape as my underline, and added some fun washi tape around the edges of everything!
Add the magnets to the board as the kids earn their rewards and store the extra in the boxes at the bottom!!

Use any size leftover box (pizza box, top of a paper box, etc) as the base of your project.  Have the kids tell you there favorite colors and help them pick out the stickers for the reward chart lets them be part of the project!  If you have older kids they can also help you make the magnets and cut them out, they love the turn the handle on the Xyron® Creative Station.


Alpha Stickers - Kaisercraft & American Crafts
Washi Tape - Recollections
Spiral clips - recollections
Dollar Store blue magnetic board
upcycled box from a craft kit
Marker - Sharpie

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