Friday, August 23, 2013

Hidden Romance - off the page **Flamingo Scraps**

We always get the oddest items for our Flamingo 4 projects, which is the best part of it all.  I never know what I am going to create until I let the objects sit and marinate for awhile.  This was not different for the F4 of August.  I knew I wanted to do something with the box as a hidden object inside it, then it hit me, the chess pieces are the hidden items.  Then I played with the beaded flowers and bam - pull them apart and you got wings.  This got me thinking of the Disney movie Fantasia on the scene with all the mythological creatures, and in it were the Pegasus mom and dad with the babies.  Dad is a black winged horse and mom is a white winged horse (the babies are all different colors of blue, pink, yellow, etc).  I envision the box as their secret love nest, the hidden romance of good and evil, light and dark, or something like that.  So this is our glimpse of the mythological hidden romance.

 Our objects this month were a small clear box, Maya Road beaded flowers, 2 chess pieces, and Fancy Pants Rub-ons.

I pulled apart one of the beaded flowers and placed 2 petals on the white chess piece as "wings" and then placed the remainder of the flower on the black chessmen for his wings. 

They are nestled in a "bed of grass" which is Maya Road trim.

All around the box I used the rub-ons to decorate the love next.  I overlapped and surround all sided of the box with the flowers, vines, dots, etc from the rub-on pack.

I used wire to secure hold the front of the box open (I took off the red handle) and then used Zip-Dry glue to glue the hinges in place so the box would stay in a permanent open position so it appears that we are peaking into the box.  I then removed the wire once the glue dried.

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Plastic Box
Chess pieces
Trim-  Maya Road
Flowers - Maya Road
Rub-ons - Fancy Pants
Adhesive - Zip-Dry

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