Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little Paper Letters

On many sketches and LO I have seen I see these little cute letters.  This is my take on how they are done.

1) Materials - ink, cardstock, scissors, adhesive, chalk, and letter stamps (I prefer rubber stamps for this).

2. Stamp out the letters for the word you want.  Do not do them order, stamp vertically, this gives it more of the illusion that they are not just cut out of a line.

3. Cut out the letters, do not worry that they are not perfect, this adds to the fun of the letters.

4.  Ink all the sides, I like to use chalk for this, but ink works too.

5.I like to use my Xyron for these little letters (they are about 1 cm square when done).

 6. Place them on your LO.  They looks so cute and they are so easy.

September Birthday - also has the retro V flowers that I did a tutorial in August.
 Below are some LOs that I used this technique on.  You can also do words, or use printed or hand written letters or words for the same effect.


  1. Great layouts! I'm going to follow you! (saw you at sketches 4 you)

  2. Wow Erin you have an absolutely stunning style, I just love the way you distress, and layer, wow, very inspirational my friend. Mel from Sketches for you.

  3. awesome layouts have a wonderful technic to make these a piece of art!


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