Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cute Little Girl Ladybug Costume

My daughter came home from school begging for a ladybug costume (they were talking about bugs as school and she just had to be one).  So I put my thinking cap on and came up with a fun little idea for a pink, red, and gold ladybug costume for her to wear.

I got to create with this amazing double sided foiled paper by Rinea.  It has the ability to act just like a paper, but also act like a foil.  Amazing!!  Here is a video on how I made the wings and headband of the costume.

I used the Crafter's Rolls from Rinea in both the Star Struck and Glossy textures in Blush, Ruby, and Gold.  The colors are amazing and really make this project pop!  

These rolls have so much paper (approx 20" x 31") and are perfect for those large projects.

Here are a few up close shots of the costume.

I added a little harness to the top of the wings in a pink rope to allow my daughter to slide the wings on and off with ease.

I decided, and with a little help from my daughter, to make the dots of the ladybugs 3D flowers instead.  She was thrilled!!

Even the headband antennae have flowers at the top!!!

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Supplies Used
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