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11 Fun and Easy Planner Ideas

I started working from a calendar to a planner about 4 months ago and I love it!!  I do not plan every aspect of my life, but I do need to plan out a few months ahead my design work for my blog posts, due dates for various companies, videos, phone calls, conferences, meeting, and other aspects of my crafty life.  Needless to say I have to stay organized and this planner I use if a fun way to do it all.  So here a few fun ideas I use in my monthly planner blending my work (which really is crafty anyway) with my crafty world.

Here are a list of fun idea to use on your planner with some fun videos all about them too!

1) Stickers
The easiest thing you can add to your planner is stickers.  They come in all shapes, sizes, themes, colors, and prices.  There are even some fun sticker swap groups you can join to get ones that are new to you with out breaking the bank!!  They do not even need to specific planner stickers, just find ones that you like or fit with your theme or color and have fun!!  Here I was using Chrsitmas stickers since this was my December month.

2) Writing
I write a lot of things in planner from the company I am working with, to lists, event to go to, and other things I need to keep track of.  Play with your pens, use some fun colors.  There are so many fun pens out there in so many colors you can do your planners just with pens if you want!!  In the picture below I wrote on sticky notes and directly into the planner squares.

3) Doodles
I am not a big doodling person, but i do like to do geometric shapes from time to time, but I know plenty of people that are amazing at little pictures and doodles that rock them in their planners.  Play with your colors and pictures and doodle it up!  I played up the geometric shapes in the picture below, making dots, a squiggles.

Here is a video of my December monthly planner.

4) DIY Stickers
If there is a theme that you really want, a specific color, or you just cannot find what you want, make it yourself!!   Making stickers is so easy all you need is a punch, a stamp, die cuts, or a cut out image and a little adhesive to make a sticker.  They can be anything you want them to be, and that open up a whole new world of ideas!!!  Below I punched out flowers in Rinea Foiled paper and turned them into stickers.

5) Sticky Notes
I love sticky notes, they are kind of my weakness.  They come in all kinds of shape and sizes.   You can find then all over from the planner section of the craft stores, in the dollar bins at Target, dollar store, and office supply stores.  I use them for lists, to write fun little notes on, or just for decoration!  You can see below I found some fun triangle ones, banner type, and then I also cut up full squares to fit onto my planner.

Here is a video on how I made my January monthly planner.

6) Themes
Picking a theme for a month is always fun.  It helps direct your month or week into a place for focus.  This month my theme was love, so I played with the idea of hearts of all kinds and use up some fun bits an bobs to play on the theme.  I found stickers, a playing card in the heart suit, and stamps that all had little hearts on theme to bring my theme all together!

7) Stamps
Not sure about you, but I have a ton of stamps and why not play with them in your planner?!?!  I pulled stamps that worked with the theme I used for this month (can you tell it is February).  I found little hearts, quotes, and even a cute little boy and girl stamp that was just too adorable not to use!

8) ATC
I love to make ATC's, but I do not always know what to do with them after I am done with making them.  Why not put them in my planner?  Son me days, or even the sides of my planner have extra room for bigger sized objects so why not just glue it in!!  Here is one that I had already made but fit with the theme perfectly!!

Here is a video for my Feb monthly planner.

9) Color
Another easy way to tie everything together for a month is to pick a color and use that as your main focus.  Here I used green and gold.  I pulled everything that had anything to do with green and gold in form of dies, stickers, pens, highlighters, and more!!

10) Project Life Cards
Project life cards are all over the place, as parts of 12 x 12 scrapbook papers, as card sets, even in little die cut shape sets.  Here I use a couple of fun cards at the top and bottom that fit in the color for my monthly focus.

11) Use your Stash
When you pick a theme or color for that week or month it is really easy to find items in your stash that will work.  They do not have to be specific items for planners, they can be anything!!  Old stickers, cards, die cut packs, things you punch or stamp.  Really play with the idea of what you can use and have fun with it!!  This is also a great way to use up items in your stash, we all have those draws, bins, storage containers filled with items that can be used in a planner :)  I used up 6 different sticker packs and a die cut pack that all had green on them or this monthly spread!!

Here is my March Monthly Planner video.

So now that you have some fun idea for you planner, and these are just a few, there are so many more, have fun with your planner and get your crafty life organized!!

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