Saturday, November 12, 2016

Troll Monster Rocks - Inspired by the Movie Trolls - Art Abandonment

My community started a fun little event where you find a rock, paint it how ever you wish and then hide it for someone to find to brighten their day.  It is part of the art abandonment movement.  The person finding the rock art can chose to keep it or re-hid it.  I think this idea is amazing, and a fun way to get the community to have some fun. I chose to paint my rock like little rock troll monsters inspired from the Trolls movie that just came out.  

Here are the inspiration figures from the movie.

I just thought these little flowers and funny little furry things were too cute not to do my own version of them on rocks.  Here is my video tutorial on how I made these fun little rocks.

I ask all the Tattered Angels crew members if they were interested in doing a fun event like this where they live, and they loved the idea.  So for this event we changed the info on the back to #tatteredangelsrocks so if people find them they can look it up and find others around the world!!  

Here are some up close pictures of my rocks.

So now if you find a fun little painted rock in your neighborhood you know what it is all about!!

When hiding these fun little rocks you pick a public place like a park, playground, library, etc and place it in a hidden place, not too hidden but not in the middle of a path.  Here are our hiding places.   I have 3 kids and 2 of them want to hind their rock up in a tree.  We hid these 4 days ago and they still have not been found, it is fun to see how fast they will be found!!

Now it is your turn to go our and spread the love of art!!

Supplies Used
Paints - Tattered Angels
Sealant - Beacon Adhesives
Brushes - Prima



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