Thursday, September 22, 2016

DIY Stamped Planner Clothespin Embellishments **Brutus Monroe & Canvas Corp & Beacon**

Planners are huge right now and I just got this stamps set from Brutus Monroe has the cutest planner stamps out right now perfect for those moments when you want to add a little stamp to your planner to remember a meeting, haircut, appointment, or doctor visit.  He has also made a stamp set that is perfect for the students with little stamps made specifically for school with apples, a microscope, atom, award, plus many more.  To stamp in your planner is easy, but I wanted to take it to the next level and play with the idea of planner clips from clothespins with these cute little stamps.

These cute little School Day planner stamps are perfect for your student planner or for anyone really.  They are just too cute and the made wonderful embellishments for these fun planner clips!  Here is a video tutorial on how I made these fun little clips.

I used the Winter ink collection with the detail Raven ink and the School Day planner stamp set.  Then to clean everything off I used the Squeaky Clean stamp cleaner.
Here is a few up close pictures of these fun little clips.

The little mini Canvas Corp clothespins are only the the length of a quarter, and they are so cute!!  There are so many colors to pick from and they are all amazing!

So now that I have all these really cute planner clips, time to start planning!!

Supplies Used
Stamps - Brutus Monroe
Ink - Brutus Monroe
Paper - Canvas Corp
Clothespins - Canvas Corp
Stamp Cleaner - Brutus Monroe
Brush - Prima
Stamp Block - Prima
Glue - Beacon

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