Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Cards **Momenta**

I wanted to make some cute fun cards for the kids teachers, our nanny, and grandparents for Halloween this year.  I found this really cute paper in the all season paper pack of Halloween ghosts, gravestones, and pumpkins.  It has so much character to it already that I figured I could just trim it up a bit into sections of about 4 x 5 inches, mat those section in black and they would make really cute cards!!

Using the Momenta paper above I made the following 5 cards, all I added was white and black cardstock and random Halloween stickers from my stash.

These top two cards were the easiest.  All I did was cut the bottom of the paper off to 5 inches wide and 3.75 inches tall, matted it in black and then glued it to a white pre-folded card.  The graphics on the paper were cute enough to stand alone.

These next two cards were cut from the bottom after the first two card were cut off, I cut these to the same dimension as the first two cards.  This left the cute little owl and ghost poking out of the bottom of the paper, so I added a large sticker from my stash to both, matted in black and glued to a white pre-folded card.

This last card is smaller than the rest, because the remainder of the purple paper is smaller.  I cut it to be around 3x4 inches and then just matted in black and added left over white cardstock to the back of the black mat for a writing space, so it is not an open card it is more of a postcard.  I cut the section that had the moon, added a couple of cute stickers from my stash, and viola! 

Cute cards do not have to be super complex or stressfull if you start with cute paper!!

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Erin Reed

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