Friday, May 26, 2017

Fast & Easy Popcorn Teacher Gift with FREE Printable

Need a quick and easy teacher gift that does not break the bank?  Look no further than this simple popcorn treat with a DIY printable sticker for ANY teacher, office assistant, nurse, aide, principal, or coach! 

Here is a video on how to assemble these easy gifts!!

I created a FREE printable for you to attach to your own popcorn bags to pass out, click on the image or HERE to get yours!

Bags of microwave popcorn not your thing, make some homemade popcorn balls, kettle corn, or flavored popcorn to pass out, the ideas are endless.  You can even just attach the sticker to the individual bags to pass out to the entire staff at the school!!

Or you can get the cute little popcorn bags and add in bags of popcorn, or popped popcorn to pass them out.  So many ideas for this!!!

Even if you cannot afford a fancy gift for your kids teachers this year, every teacher loves to be thanked for all their hard work.  To pop a printable on a little bag of popcorn to pass out can make all the difference, plus you took the time to make it!

Supplies Used
Interested in the supplies I used in this project?  Most are listed below and some are affiliate links, which generates a me little commission (at not extra cost to you at all) when you click on the link and make a purchase.  Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here.

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