Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ways to Use Reinkers - Test Lab: Part 1 - Ink Refills, Splatters, Drops, Drips, Rings, and Mixing with Mediums

I just got in some fun reinkers from Brutus Monroe.  I have been playing with them to see all teh fun things i can make with these fun little bottles of ink.  So now learn many ways to use reinkers for ink pads for more than just refilling your stamp pads.  In test lab 1 learn how to reink you stamp pad, make splatters, drops, drips, bubbles, rings, and also how to use the reinkers to mix with various mediums to make custom colors!

I made a video to show all the fun techniques and uses of these amazing little reinkers.  Brutus Monroe is offering an amazing deal for all Chalk Ink Pads plus Chalk Ink Re-inkers for the next couple months - a 20% off your ink purchase

coupon code: erinreed 

Plus here is the best part, you have a chance to win a set in mini chalk inks for just subscribing to my YouTube Channel, full details are on my channel (, but there will be 4 winners, each receiving one set of 4 mini chalk inks!!  Here is the video for test lab 1.

Test 1 -Reinking your Stamp Pad
Shake the bottle of reinker before applying it to the ink pad.  use your finger or the back of a spoon to blend it into the pad for full coverage.  See video for examples.

Test 2 -Splatters, Drop, Rings, Bubbles, Drips, and more.
I demonstrate in the video various techniques on how to make fun distress marks on your projects using the reinkers mixed with water and using various tools including a water pen, brush, medicine dropper, and the bottle itself.  You can also blend more than one color together to make a new color, just like mixing paint!  The main color used is Terracotta, and to make the blends I combined it with Zest.  For complete results please see the video. 

Here is a card base I made using all the techniques above in 2 different colors, Aubergine and Sea.  This would be a fun technique for the background of a card, scrapbook page, journal page, mixed media project.  The possibilities are endless.

Test 3 - Mixing with Mediums to Make Custom Colors
Here I added the reinker sea to Texture Paste, Soft Paste, Modeling Paste, Soft Gloss Gel, and Gesso to see how each mixed to create a custom color.  I then took that color and used it with a Brutus Monroe stencil.  You can also mix color to make a blend of your own, for this I combined both Sea and Cabbage with Soft Gloss Gel.   For complete results please see the video.

I will say that the Brutus Monroe reinkers are amazing.  I have many more techniques coming in the next couple weeks, stay tuned!


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