Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mixed Media Dominoes **Tattered Angels**

I love to just play with my paints and see what happens, so this time I am playing with some dominoes and Tattered Angels paints to create something fun.  I found the larger dominoes in the clutter of my house cleaning up (that happened when you have young kids), the rest have long since been tossed away, but as I held these two dominoes in my hand as I vacuumed under the couch from where they had been since lost my creativity struck and beckoned me to paint them.  I then remembered that years back I had come across some tiny little dominoes and thought they would be fun to craft with some day, well that day had come and I set off to create, vacuum left sitting by the couch as I could not wait to make these into something pretty. 

I started out by painting them with black gesso and them doing lots of layered of paints and mists with stencils.  Last was the stamps to add that finishing touch.  Here is a video tutorial on how I made them.


There are many more pictures and detailed info on supplies used on the Canvas Corp Blog, hurry and check it out!!

Supplies Used
Black Gesso - Studio
Paints - Tattered Angels
Ink - Prima
Stamps - Prima & Other
Heat Gun

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