Wednesday, April 16, 2014

so you **Birds of a Feather Kit & Just Imagine**

Here is my creation.  One day my daughter was just sitting in the playground waiting for her older brother to get out of school wearing her super cute little sweater and I could not resist taking pictures of her, these gems came from that photo shoot.

I absolutely loved the little cards that came in my kit, but I am not a pocket scrapbooker, so I created an embellishment to go with my layout.  This could also be used as an ATC or as a pocket for a pocket page, whatever strikes your fancy.

First thing I did was cut out a 3x4 section from the orange cardstock and clip the corners with a rounded corner trimmer.  I then ran the white word card though my 3 inch Xyron sticker maker and glued it to the orange paper.

The little pocket would look super cute as is, but I had to bling it up a bit more.  I found a small sheer fabric flower from my stash, in the same shade of orange, and trimmed off one little heart from the ribbon clipping off all the little extra threads left behind to all you see is the heart.

I glued the flower then the white heart overt the "O" in the word story to give it some flair.  I used a clear glue like ZipDry for this so you would not see and it would stay on firm and flat.

Last little bit of fun I added were the pair of dots to each letter of all the words, except the "O" I already added the flower to.  I used a dark pink puffy paint to match the colors in the papers.  I practiced on other paper first to get the correct pressure for the size of dot that I wanted.  Fun little trip when working with stickles, puffy paint, or liquid pearls is to tap the back of the paper when you are done making you dots to get rid of the peaks on the dots, they round out nicely.

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  1. Gorgeous!! Lovely colors and love the grid design with the decorated background!! WOW. Pinning for inspiration!!! Would love for you to stop by and share your Crafty Creation!!


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