Friday, June 1, 2012

True Love ***Frosted Designs***

I went to a friend's wedding and they had this wonderful little photo booth to take pictures of yourself for the bride and groom.  You could wear funny hats, glasses, and other fun items to make it fun, but my husband and I just went in and got pictures of the two of us.  We got to take the little pictures home (4 in total on a 4x6 sheet) and then the bride and groom got a book with all the picture from the night later on.  I loved the pictures, well all but one, so I of course had to scrap them.  I love one of them so much, that I enlarged it and used it two times in the layout - a really easy way to enhance a photo but still use the photo frame/booth effect.

I have a hard time getting more than 1-2 pictures into a layout, I feel it clutters the effect of what I like to do, which is embellish with flowers and bling!!  So in this layout I achieved 4 pictures because 3 of them are small, I took the best of the small pictures and enlarged it, but i kept the balance of the layout by also keeping the same picture small.  it would look of balance and odd if I only used 2 pictures in the photo strip below the large photo.

I created this layout for Frosted Designs for their punch challenge - so head on over and play along.  I did a very simple border punch on this layout, but I added a little bling to the tips for a bit of added fun!!

I did not want to clutter up my layout too much, as the center piece is my painted doily.  I used a gold paint, then used perfect pearls to enhance the "flowers" around the edges of the doily - the doily is a foam sticker made by Pink Paislee.

I also took a Prima Vine with light link flowers and spruced it up a bit by adding in black rose buds and anchoring the vine to the page with 2 larger complementary colored flowers.  I then added some fun bling swirls to help tie in the swirls in the rest of the layout.


Erin Reed


  1. I saw this layout on and just had to come over and check out the details. You did such a beautiful job on it! What great photos to start with and I just love the painted frame! The flowers are the crowning touch. Just beautiful!

  2. Me too. I wanted the skinny on that doily! Fabulous technique!


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