Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Card **SiT**

I was working with Michaels to collect cards for Operation Christmas Cards this year.  Through my Mops group, people signing cards while I demoed on the floor, the Operation Christmas Cards class, employees signing cards, and some wonderful donations from scrapbookers taking my classes at Michaels we were able to collect 558 cards to send to the troops this Christmas!!

I had two huge card donations, one that dropped a box off with over 150 cards that I believe she collected from her school (I wish I knew her name to thank her) and the other a very nice lady who has come to a few of my scrapbook classes and she personally made and collected over 150 cards!!

Thank you to all those who collected and signed cards for Operation Christmas Cards!!

I created this card for the lady in my classes.  I took the Sketches in Thyme sketch and turned it into a card.  You can play with this great sketch too, so hop on over to SiT and ply along, you have all month!!

I got to play with copic markers for the first time the other day at work, and I am hooked!!  I created the very cool butterfly with them!!



Erin R.

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