Friday, March 4, 2016

Canvas and Burlap DIY Stick Horses w/Matching Bandanna and Hats **Canvas Corp** W/video Tutorial

My son has a rodeo day coming up at school and part of his "homework" for kindergarten is to make a stick hobby horse and dress up as a cowboy for the day festivities!  Now I could make a simple horse with a yardstick and a cutout head from paper, but I wanted something that he could play with for more than just one day!  I kept seeing all these "sock" horses on line doing my research as to what I could make for him and that sparked the idea of using the burlap stocking I had in my stash for the past 3 years!!  To me burlap and cowboys are a perfect match!! 

I then gathered and ordered more materials from Canvas Corp and realized the Ticking line is a perfect match for the cowboy look, and since I am at it (and to prevent fights) make one for my daughter too!  So I bought tons of supplies in blue and pink (their favorite colors) and set out to make horses!!

For a full video tutorial and on how to make these cute little horses please visit the 

My kids loved playing the the finished products, and not only did I make the horses, but I dressed up some hats we have had in our house for a while and made cute little matching bandannas.

Pink horse and accessories supplies from Canvas Corp.

Blue horse and accessories supplies by Canvas Corp.

My son in his blue hat, bandanna and horse.  He would not stop talking about it all day!!

Never one to be left out, my little girl loves to get in the mix.  Good news is she will need the horse in 2 years for her rodeo day at school.  Now it is all done!!

Don't they just look too cute with the little matching outfits and horses!?!?  I know I am mom, I am a little biased :)

My sweet kids playing with their new horses and dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls!!

They are getting a little tiered of mom taking pictures, so lets make some silly faces to lighten up the mood!!  Now for rodeo day!!

Supplies Used
Dowel Rod
Glue - Beacon


  1. I love ideas for kids. These are wonderful with a whole lot of fun style. Bloggie Love

  2. Your stick horses are just so so fun! Love them! BL

  3. Oh my goodness these stick horses are adorable! I need one for my granddaughter! -BL


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