Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Create" Homemade Sticky Note Holder **Deflecto & CCB & CE & Xyron**

I am always hunting for sticky notes on my desk, they seem to vanish on me or it could be that my kids steal them, lol.  I also seem to be hunting for pens on my desk, maybe I have too much stuff on my desk, haha!!  With this in mind I made a sticky note holder for my desk, with a pen attached so I will have both when I need them!!  When I was thinking this through I thought to just buy some new sticky notes and glue them to the front, but then I went to go get some nice looking ones they were so expensive!!  Then I thought I have tons of paper I am sure I can figure out a way to make them myself, so I did!!

For full details please view my video tutorial about how to make homemade sticky notes and how to make this project!!

I used the Deflecto 4"x6" Acrylic frame as the base, so it would stand up nicely on my desk.  It is super light weight and can work with any number of projects or pictures you want!!

Products used can be purchased at, or you can click HERE and enter your zip code to see where you can purchase Deflecto Craft products near you.

For the papers I chose a bunch of scraps I had left over from various 7 Gypsy projects.  I used lines from Wunderlust, Gypsy Moments, Ordre du jour, American Vintage, Trousseau, and Harmony.  The beauty about all these line is they work so well together!!  Then to top it all off with a little Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam and High Impact Paint to really tie it all together!!

To add that special little touch of something, I added in some Creative Embellishments chipboard using the "Flourish 24" and "Inspire" words set.  Add some paint, micro beads, and glitter and you cannot go wrong!!

I used the amazing Xyron products to hold everything together.  Not only as the adhesive, but also to make our homemade sticky notes!!  You never have to buy them again, just use the Repositionable Adhesive and scraps of paper and you have you custom sticky notes!!  See video above for a full tutorial!!

This cute little sticky note holder is perfect for your work desk, home desk, as a gift, or to keep for yourself!!  Don't let your scraps go to waste, have fun with them!!

Supplies Used
Frame - Deflecto
Papers - 7 Gypsies
Paints - Tattered Angels
Chipboard - Creative Embellishments
Flowers - Prima
Glitter/beads - Prima
Ink - Prima
Adhesive - Xyron
Laminator - Xyron


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